Submission: October 05, 2016
Registration: October 05, 2016
Language: English, Italian
Location: Concept
Prizes: Total prize money: 13.500 €
Type: Open


Identify original concepts of interior design inspired by Chinese culture. This is the challenge of Twin City – Civilization Redesign, the new contest promoted by Architectural studio Guangzhou Yuan She Yi He Decorate Design Co. LTD and the 21st Guangzhou International Art Fair, with Itasia s.r.l., organized by POLI.design, Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano.

Participation is open to students of art and design schools, young designers and creative under 35, Italian or who are studying/working in Italy.

Each registered designer is asked to propose a concept in one of the three project categories listed below:
• home space: (mark A) design one or more home rooms by drawing inspiration from life style and traditions bound to Chinese culture;

• decor: (mark B) design a furniture line, or even just one item or a complement,

inspired by life style and traditions typical of Chinese culture;
• work of art: (mark C) create a work of art, with no technique or material restriction, inspired by Chinese culture.


It’s just an ancient Chinese motto to sum up the spirit of the contest: “the onlookers see more than the players do”: through the vision and interpretation of Chinese culture by young Italian designers and creative talents, the promoters aim to encourage the new generation of Chinese designers to discover the importance of their own culture and to hand such heritage over to the designers of the future. A number of facets and peculiar characteristics of this ancient culture, in fact, have been ignored, and have consequently disappeared or never emerged because of the recent sudden boom in Chinese economy.
Working individually or in groups, participants will experiment with three different Categories of Project inspired by Chinese culture:
A. Home space;
B. Decor;
C. Work of art.
Participants in Categories A and B of the Competition will have until October 5, 2016 to send their application and their project, that should in any case be new and developed specifically for the contest. Specifically, projects must be feasible and suitable for prototyping, to comply with the second phase: the promoters of the competition, with the support of the participants, will proceed to the realization of prototypes of the selected projects, which will be shown at the 21st Guangzhou International Art Fair, scheduled for December 2 to 5, 2016 in the city of Guangzhou (China).
Will have until November 3, 2016 to independently carry out and present their work of art, those who choose to compete for the Category C of the competition.
The jury will select three winners for each category of project in the race: the total prize money of € 13.500,00 will be divided as follows:
– home space (Category A):
1st prize: € 2.000,00
2nd prize: € 1.500,00
3rd prize: € 1.000,00
– decor (Category B):
1st prize: € 2.000,00
2° classificato: € 1.500,00
3rd prize: € 1.000,00
– work of art (Category C):
1st prize: € 2.000,00
2nd prize: € 1.500,00
3rd prize: € 1.000,00
In addition to the cash prize, the winners can participate in the 21st Guangzhou International Art Fair, showcasing their project; They will also have the opportunity to have an interview with the Guangzhou Yuan She Yi He Decorate Design Co. LTD architectural studio for formalizing any prospective jobs.


By 17:00 of October 5, 2016 the module containing the data of the participant and the papers related to Phase 1 (project categories A and B) should be completed online on the site www.polidesign.net/TwinCity .

Participants who submit a project for the Project Category C (work of art) will have until 17:00 of November 3, 2016 to upload through the template on the site www.polidesign.net/TwinCity their own materials.

On December 7, 2016 the winners with the jury will travel to Guangzhou (China) where a press conference is scheduled on December 10, 2016 at the headquarters of the study Yuan She Yi He Decoration & Design Co., while on December 15, 2016 will officially begin the Winter Fair of art.