Twin Creeks Linear Park Design Competition

Submission: July 8, 2016
Registration: July 8, 2016
Language: English
Location: Kansas City, USA
Prizes: $24,000 in total prize awards
Type: Open International Design Competition


The City of Kansas City is sponsoring a design competition to bring in new ideas, energy, and visions to the development of Twin Creeks, a 15,000 acre predominantly rural area in the Northland of Kansas City that is projected to house up to 75,000 people over the next 20+ years.

The focus of this competition is developing an inspiring vision for a potential new linear park that could stretch over 7 miles and up to 1,000 acres and serve as a backbone of the area. Individuals and multi-disciplinary design teams from across the United States and beyond with expertise in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, engineering, economic analysis, transportation, sustainability, community development, and public art, amongst other fields are invited to submit design proposals for the competition.

Entries must include an overall linear park conceptual design and illustrations of the four different design scenario conditions, as described within the competition briefing book. Up to three teams will be selected as winning teams and will present their proposals at a public event in Kansas City with the City, stakeholders and general public. The City will offer $24,000 in total prize awards, to be distributed evenly between the selected winning teams. One student submission will also be selected for Honorary Mention. Design proposals will be used to shape and inspire a new linear park and development in Twin Creeks.


Participants shall submit proposals to the City using the RFP365 portal by no later than 11:59 p.m. (CST) on July 8, 2016.

Winning teams will be announced in August 2016 and a public event to present the winning proposals will take place in September 2016.

Design teams are invited to submit questions through the RFP365 portal.  Responses will be posted in early June through the RFP365 portal.  Additional details on the question and answer process will be posted on this website as they are confirmed.


The goal of this competition is to develop a more tangible vision for a linear park in Twin Creeks and for developments that are adjacent to the park. Our hope is that the designs submitted as part of this competition can frame future public and private investments, guide the overall shape and development of Twin Creeks, and excite and engage local stakeholders and the broader Kansas City community in discussion about the future of the area.

The competition invites all professional designers, as well as students, to take part in this exciting opportunity to help envision a major new addition to the Northland and the Kansas City park system.


Individuals or design teams are asked to submit 3 design boards with layout of visual and written materials for the design proposal, dimensions of 24×36 inches in PDF format, with a maximum size of 25 MB per board. Separately, teams are asked to submit a 16-page (max) qualification package in PDF format, with a maximum size of 25 MB.

Design boards should include the following visual materials:

  • Board 1: An overall conceptual design for the full length of the linear park.
  • Boards 2 and 3: Illustrative design with human-scale experiential renderings of the four design scenarios (two per board). Visual materials and illustrative drawings may include: site plans, renderings, diagrams, photographs, axonometric drawings, among others. Design boards should include the following written materials:

• Brief text describing the team’s understanding and analysis of the site (500 words max). Brief narrative explaining the teams design approach (500 words max).

Qualifications packages should include the following materials:
• The submission should consist of a maximum of 16 pages in PDF format (horizontal 8.5×11, one-sided, maximum of 50 MB)
• Brief description of the individual or team submitting materials(max 500 words)
• Bio or resume for each team member with explicit mention of status with any professional organization, for example: AIA, ASLA, APA, ASCE, etc.

• Brief descriptions and visual documentation of relevant past projects by team members, if applicable. Please note which team members have participated in the included relevant past projects.

• Explicit mention of current enrollment of any team members in an accredited academic institution


Competition sponsors offer $24,000 in total prize awards, to be evenly distributed between the selected winning teams at the end of September 2016 after completion of the public event.

The Twin Creeks Linear Park Design Competition will also select one student submission for honorable mention (no cash prize). All participants on student design teams must be currently enrolled in an accredited academic institution. The selected Student Honorable Mention team will receive commendation and exhibition with the three winning teams. All student submissions will be considered for general submission selection.

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