Urban development of the territories adjacent to the Moscow river

Submission: September 12, 2015
Registration: September 12, 2015
Language: English 
Location: Moscow, Russia
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Type: Open competition for professionals.

Since ancient times the Moscow river constitutes a functional and urban planning structure of the Moscow City.

The town’s development  has always been closely linked to its location on the  banks of the Moscow river, which is the most important transport artery. At all times the Moscow river has constantly retained its importance for the city a little bit transforming the priorities of both the functional use of the water and its environment.

Today it’s time to formulate the current priorities of the development of the adjacent territories, taking into account general trends in the urban development  of the new urban structure and the current socio-economic reality.

Emerging trends in the role of coastal rivers and embankments in particular emphasized the relevance of the development of a common concept of the development of these territories.

The achieving a general concept of development in a coherent system of interrelated areas adjacent to the Moscow river, turning  the river of  “barrier” in the “link” in the city structure.

As a result of the transformation of urban planning should be the raising the quality of the urban environment, urban efficiency potential of the territories adjacent to the river.

By solving the following tasks:

  • Reorganization of the embankments of the priority of formation of public spaces
  • Ensuring permeability and improving links  between adjacent areas and river
  • Improving the quality and comfort of the urban environment, improving  the appearance of the territories in order to improve the overall image of the city and making it more attractive for residents and tourists
  • Improving the environment through the rehabilitation of the river and its valley complex
  • Improvement of investment prospects for the relevant areas through the enhancement of market value of existing and planned real estate assets.


Date: August 17, 2014