valencia architecture competition

ValenciaCall Architectural Competition

Submission: July 30, 2018
RegistrationJuly 30, 2018
Language: English. Espaniol
Location: Valencia, Spain
Prizes: 1000,00 euros
Type: Open


Valencia, capital of the homonymous community, is a city rich in history. El Carme – the old quarter – has now become the hub of city life and a place to imagine Valencia Social Housing. The building will have to give a new image to a part of the urban fabric making this sign of redevelopment a pole of reference for the local community. An architecture of value that knows how to respond to the housing needs of the historic center, making the most of the cultural and social identity of the context. An urban hub that is able to give new values to the local community.

There is no limit for the competition. I allowed to contest all those who want to deal with the theme proposed, whatever their country of origin. There are no age limits, can enroll graduate students, graduates or professionals. You can participate as an individual or as a group (max 5 components). In the second case it is necessary to elect a leader to have a contact person to which official communications. Each participant may submit only one project and not be part of more than one grouping. All competitors have the same rights and must fulfill the same obligations. Groups can be mixed or use more professional, they may be made simultaneously by graduate and undergraduate students.
The winners will be announced on the website of the Association no later than the date of 31th of August 2018 Will be deserving the first three works as well as any other projects which are not excluded special mentions.
# The winner will receive a prize of 1000,00 euro (excluding TAX).
# Top three finishers will have an annual subscription to the DOMUS magazine in digital format.
# The winners and mentioned might take part for life at all our future competitions that we will propose on our portal.
Post on your INSTAGRAM profile the photo that best represents the work phases of the project. The image with date before 1st of September 2018 with the three hastag #startfortalents #valenciacall which will have obtained more likes will receive a bonus of 100,00 euros to spend for participation in our future contests.
The mentions are planned – for which there are no cash prizes–that the jury will agree to other worthy projects. All projects with recognition will be published on our site. For the winner: It is necessary to respond to our interview within 30 days from the publication of the results to proceed with the payment of the prize. Attendance certificates can be requested between the closing date of the contest and the date of publication of the results.

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