Submission: September 15, 2020
Registration: September 15, 2020
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


We are facing one of the most characteristic landscapes of Southeast Asia and why not say it, in the world. For thousands of years, Vietnamese life has been closely related to AGRICULTURE and livestock, but in particular with rice cultivation. These fields have come to be created anywhere: deltas, coastal areas, highlands or even mountainsides.

In this work of transforming the landscape, man has sometimes made changes in the morphology of his environment, generating landscapes as special and unique as the rice growing terraces in Vietnam. An endless number of steps carving the mountain as if it were contour lines generates the area in which the different projects proposed will take place.

The combination of the terraces flooded by rainwater, together with the rays of the sun, create majestic scenes taken from a dream in which the daily life of the peasants with their rural way of life in the deepest Asia mixes with the tourists who increasingly visit these places.

The whole environment plays with different color tones according to the time of year in which we are located. The harvest season is probably the most special, in which all those fields wrapped in a yellow shirt are waiting to be collected.


In the north of Vietnam, in the Sapa district we find rice paddies that perish from another planet. Perfectly staggered mountains, forming huge ripples of a brilliant green color.The new contest will be located in this peculiar location. A place on a slope, perfectly staggered where the landscape and its integrating concept is what should take precedence in the project.


The Vietnam Ricefield Lodge competition presents a space where you can experience the relationship between nature and human beings. The project must highlight the uniqueness of the place and that it become a space where on the one hand a Vietnamese family can continue with their daily life and on the other hand where a tourist can / should know and understand their culture. This last point is important since tourists from Europe or America come to the place constantly interested in immersing themselves fully in Asian culture and there is no better way than to live with them, cook with them, sleep with them, work with them and therefore So much to be one more.

Therefore, the proposed building must consider the possibility of combining all these options. The tourists who arrive will be welcomed within the same building of the rural family, so that they can share with them accommodation, cooking and even work if they so wish. A unique and unforgettable experience to fully know this incredible culture.

In these bases the m2 of each area will not be defined, because it is understood that the designer himself, according to the unique idea that he proposes, will define these areas. All the ideas proposed will be valid. The project can be on the ground, in the sky, buried or flying. It can develop wherever you want and how it is created; It can be a compact module or it can be a dispersion of small buildings that solve the problem.

The contest program proposes the following spaces, which can be expanded, simplified and manipulated by the contestant as he sees fit:

– Rest area, where you can sleep and settle down after a long day of work or local tourism, if applicable. A space where relaxation and tranquility play a fundamental role. This space will be a compact space, ranging from 5 to 10 m2 and designed for the rest of up to 6 people if desired.

– Cleaning area. The minimum and indispensable unit that is needed for it. Bath, shower and toilet.

– Food Zone. This area can be shared, linked or even be the same as the rest area if desired.

-Storage area: there will be an area of approximately 20m2, where you can store both food, whether it comes from your crops or animals.

-Tourist meeting area: we understand that in addition to living as a tourist within the family; New tourists who want to know their way of life will continue to arrive daily, which is why there will be a place designed for the tourist to meet the inhabitant of the area, so that they can learn more deeply about the local culture, sharing the most characteristic and least known elements of Asian life in the countryside.

As previously mentioned, the surface of the proposal is free and these spaces may be closed, open or semi-open depending on the intentions of each project, and may be established at any level of the enclave. There are no restrictions that can influence the decisions made by each participant.Project freedom is absolute, this contest proposes that the participant investigate the landscape and the different forms of intervention in it. Study limits, scales, views, crossed eyes, horizons, accesses. They are the keys to follow

* Participants can suggest new areas not proposed in this document, as well as eliminate or combine some of those already mentioned.