LA competition

Vision for a Lasting Future

Submission: April 28, 2017
Registration:  April 28, 2017
Language: English
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Prizes: 1st Prize: $1,500; 2nd Prize: $750, 3rd Prize: $250, 4th Prize: $250, 5th Prize: $250
Type: Open


The LBC LA Collaborative is organizing a student competition where students have the opportunity to design and present a project for Pavilion Zero, the initial operational epicenter and international focus of the potential 2022 Los Angeles World Fair. 
The Pavilion Zero building must meet all seven (7) LBC petals and applicable Imperatives in the Living Building Challenge version 3.1.  We invite students from various disciplines of architecture, engineering, policy, urban design, real estate, building science, etc. to participate and challenge themselves to design one of the most sustainable buildings in Los Angeles!


Contestants must be enrolled at a college or university. Students from multidisciplinary subjects such as architecture, agriculture, business administration, real estate development, urban planning, building science, material science, engineering, product design, public policy, historic preservation, or environmental studies are encouraged to participate and form integrated teams. Teams must be at least two (2) and no more than five (5) students and one (1) advisor/professor.
Design Innovation Submissions must develop an extensive plan for the LA World’s Fair ‘Pavilion Zero’ that meets the following requirements:
1. Understanding and incorporating the design intent of ‘ Pavilion Zero ‘.  Refer to “Pavilion Zero Design Guideline” for location and description of the project site.
2. Addressing all seven (7) LBC Petals and applicable Imperatives outlined in the Living Building Challenge version 3.1.
3. Repurposing the designed space after the World’s Fair
4. Integrating the theme of the fair, ‘ LA: The Connected City’ , through holistic design thinking that speaks to, engages and connects the local community. The Pavilion Zero design shall speak to the identity and community surrounding the proposed site and include design aspects that help to remediate known problems or help to generally elevate community connectivity and social justice. Teams are encouraged to use a holistic and innovative approach to net-positive design that explores a paradigm shift within the world of design and construction.
Early Bird Registration Closes: March 1, 2017
Final Registration Closes: April 27, 2017
Poster Submissions Due: April 28, 2017
Presentation & Awards: May 10, 2017
Using the foundation of the 2022 LA World’s Fair and the concept of creating long term positive impact in the various communities of Los Angeles, students are invited to develop apresentation poster using compelling visualizations to describe how their projects can achieve
these concepts and transcend the Living Building Challenge. The poster should include graphics, text, and explanatory information such that the topic is self-evident without the student’s verbal assistance. The poster title, along with students’ names, degree program, and advisor/professor name should appear on the lower right corner of the board. A text description of the project no longer than 500 words should also be included on the poster.
Date: January 30, 2017