lagos architecture competition

WASTE: Lagos Landfill Stadium

Submission: December 17, 2018
Registration: December 16, 2018
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: $8,000 USD total prizes
Type: International Open Ideas Competition


Waste is a global issue common to all urban areas. The world now creates more than a billion tons of garbage a year, which it incinerates, buries, exports, and recycles. As major cities expand so must their ability to reverse wasteful tendencies and begin living more efficiently and sustainably.

Until recently in Lagos, the Nigerian megalopolis handled its waste by relocation. It seemed simple enough to drive waste outside of town to the 100-acre Olusosun dump site beginning in 1992. Since then, Lagos is estimated to be the fastest growing metropolis in the world, expanding from a population of 7 million to over 21 million. The landfill that was once far from any urban activity is now surrounded by it. Earlier this year, the Olusosun Landfill was shut down by local government and slated for redevelopment as an urban green space and public park.

Perhaps a vision for the new park could include an anchor program that incorporates new attitudes relating to waste. In the urban core, space is something rarely taken for granted. Yet, the most profound and expensive modern day constructions humanity builds, continue to underperform. The stadium is a revered place, but one with benefits that rarely extend beyond servicing a single team or small portion of population.

arch out loud asks participants to design a new multi-purpose stadium at the former Olusosun Landfill. How could this massive structure, known to be wasteful in its resources, limited lifespan, and inconsistent usage, confront critical issues of waste in Lagos while sited on a former landfill? Designers are encouraged to consider how the stadium might act as a porous entity, serving as both a world-class sporting facility and local commodity.

Prizes total to $8,000
OVERALL WINNER – $5,000 + AO feature and certificate
3 Runners up – $1,000 each + AO feature and certificate
10 Honorable Mentions – AO feature and certificate
Directors Choice – AO feature and certificate

Neil Denari – Founder, Principal | Neil M. Denari Architects
Joshua Ramus – Founder, President | REX
Zeina Koreitem – Founder, MILLIØNS | Harvard GSD
Thom Moran – Founder, T + E + A + M | University of Michigan Taubman College
Tei Carpenter – Founder, Director, Agency-Agency | Columbia GSAPP
Ahmed ElHusseiny – Founder, AE Superlab
Olalekan Jeyifous – Artist/ Designer, Vigilism.com
Ola-dele Kuku – Architect/ Artist | Ola-dele Kuku Projects
Nate Appleman – Director of Sports + Recreation + Entertainment | HOK
Andrés Jaque – Founder | Office for Political Innovation,

Advanced Registration: July 23rd – September 10th
Early Registration: September 11th – October 29th
Regular Registration: October 30th – December 16th
Submission Deadline: December 17th

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