Waterscape Park Design for the Sustainable Tourism Development of Tushemisht and Drilon

Submission: June 14, 2018
Registration: June 14, 2018
Language: English
Location: Pogradec, Albania
Prizes: USD 250,000
Type: International Two-Phase Competition


International Two-phase Competition: Waterscape Park Design for the Sustainable Tourism Development of Tushemisht and Drilon, Pogradec, Albania.

The Project Scope is to give a new vision to an area that today lacks tourism related infrastructure and services but that enjoys a wide range of natural and cultural attractions and has a great potential for tourism development.

The Competition Scope is the development of a Master Plan and Design Project for the Waterscape Park (WPD) of Drilon –Tushemisht area which consists of an architectural and urban planning proposal for the WPD with development of mobility and circulation system.

The Promoter intends to give a private assignment of around 250.000 USD to the Winner to develop the detailed implementation design.


Budget: The estimated construction cost is approximately USD 5 Million.

Registration: Free of charge.

Eligibility: Open to International Architecture/Engineering Companies or to Consortiums of International companies and professionals in cooperation with a local Architecture/Engineering partner.

Schedule: Phase 1 deadline 06/14/2018 – Short list of Participants Announcement 07/02/2018 – Phase 2 deadline 09/05/2018 – Winner Announcement 09/20/2018.


First Prize:      Contract for implementation design

Second Prize: USD 7,000

Third Prize:    USD 5,000

Professional and Technical Advisor: ATENASTUDIO | Urbanism, Architecture and Landscape Company, Rome, Italy.

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