wave 2_0

Weave 2.0 – Fashion meets Sustainability

Submission: October 19, 2021
Registration: October 18, 2021
Language: English
Location: Paris, France
Prizes: $24000
Type: Installations, Public Building


Design a fashion convention center to hold events and gatherings related to the industry. It should be universal enough to suit the needs of different fashion industries. The venue must be aesthetic enough to personify the current stature of the high-end fashion industry. The ramps are the highlights of any fashion week, hence the design must be at par with expectations and standards of the previous iconic ramps that were designed, to attract attention enough to promote sustainability as well.

Every tiny to a huge aspect of a building can be played with, given the time and resources. When sustainability comes into play, these aspects can get a little tricky, but given the area program and a little bit of research into the industry, can yield a noticeable reduction in waste.


Concept – the design must meet the industry’s expectations with quality. inspiration can be drawn from the rich history of fashion in the context.

Aesthetic – the design of the centre must create a visual impact that is representative of the exclusivity and grandeur of the fashion industry.

Sustainability – Focus on the waste reduction and management aspect. Centre must be optimized in its power usage when it comes to lighting and ventilation.

Adaptability – the event space must be able to accommodate a wide range of activities of different nature and brands.

Upgradable – the centre must be capable of handling both small and large scale events by efficient layout and service design, with minimal interventions.


The site is located in Paris, France. Paris is the European centre for art, commerce, finance, and fashion. The capital city has a rich cultural heritage making it a popular tourist spot.

Paris is the international fashion capital of the world. It is home to haute couture but also to contemporary designers of the new trends. The city hosts major fashion events that attract crowds from around the world. The commercial market is also dominated by fashion giants.

The site is at the tip of a small islet on the river Seine. It is connected to the mainland by the Pont Dayde bridge. The islet consists of La Seine music centre and some eateries around it. Even though the site is 2km outside of Paris, its location is suitable for public attractions.


  • The competitions are open for students and professionals from all the disciplines of design.
  • The team limit for this competition is 4 members maximum per team.

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