Winning results of the 2018 Laka Competition: “Architecture that Reacts”

The popular-as-ever Laka Competition challenges architects, designers, and students to send their most inventive ideas of “Architecture that Reacts”, meaning architectural, design, or technological solutions that are capable of dynamic interaction with their surroundings. This year, over 130 entries were submitted from some 200 designers representing 30 countries. From Tidal Terrains to a Platinum City to a Cactus Pavilion, the jury selected three prize winners, three special recognitions, and 14 honorable mentions. Check ’em all out below.

 1st prize: Tidal Terrains. Author: Mary Denman (Architect/Designer) | USA

2nd prize: Embodied Homeostasis. Author: David Stieler (Architect) | Austria

3rd prize: Platform of Motion. Authors: Nusrat Jahan Mim, Arman Salemi (architecture graduate students) | USA

Special Recognition: Surftopia. Authors: Eduardo Camarena Estébanez (Architect, Product Designer), María Urigoitia Villanueva (Architect) | USA

Special Recognition: Platinum City. Author: Sean Thomas Allen (Architectural Assistant) | UK

Special Recognition: Volcano Lite. Author: Patorn Sangruchi (Architecture student) | USA

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Categories: Results
Date: January 19, 2019