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YAC – Young Architects Competitions – announce the winners of Plastic Monument, a competition of ideas  that was launched last April in order to design an itinerant installation to raise awareness on the pollution caused by plastics. 

There was a total cash prize of € 15,000 to reward to the winner projects: the 1st prize of € 8,000 has been awarded to the Romanian team “VATRAA”, the 2nd prize of € 4,000 to the Ukrainian team “Fresh and Free” and the 3rd prize of € 2,000 to the French team “Solene Biche-Cais”. The 2 Gold Mentions, of € 500 each, have been assigned to the Polish teams “Maciej Grelewicz” and “Magda Redzinska”. 10 Honorable Mentions and 31 Finalist Mentions follow up as the completion of this huge and international podium.

1st prize

Bogdan Rusu, Anamaria Pircu
Team VATRAA /1st_VATRAA architecture competition winner

2nd prize

Bogdan Shevchenko, Hannes Siefert
Team Fresh and Free /yac architecture results

3rd prize

Solene Biche-Cais
Team Solene Biche-Cais /

Gold Mention

Maciej Grelewicz, Bartlomiej Grelewicz
Team Maciej Grelewicz/Gold Mention_Maciej Grelewicz

Gold Mention

Magda Redzinska, Marta Redzinska, Grzegorz Oleniecki
Team Magda Redzinska /Gold Mention_Magda Redzinska

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Date: November 13, 2019