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Application: July 14th, 2023
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YACademy enriches its educational offer: learn more about the first edition of the course in  “Architecture for Inclusion” and design a kindergarten for Dynamo


3  scholarships full-coverage of the enrollment cost and opportunity to participate in the courses from remote connection


Applications open until July 14th

The applications will be evaluated by a selection committee featuring 4 partners of Pritzker Laureates firms




With 15 Pritzker laureates- the “Nobels” of architecture-on its panel of lecturers, YACademy is the world’s first postgraduate institute resulting from the relationship and collaboration among the most distinguished firms in contemporary architecture. From the definition of the programs to teaching, all aspects are curated by the greatest architectural studios of our time. Thanks to the collaboration with renowned professional practices, YACademy is the ideal context in which to complete or update one’s skills and boost one’s career through the connection with the most important firms on the international scene.

YACademy’s educational program is one of the most comprehensive and fascinating didactic experiences in the world. It is the result of years of experimentation and interaction between great masters of architecture. Each course comprises numerous educational formats offering an experience that can make the difference in young designers’ personal and professional careers.


Designing spaces to accommodate physical, psychological, or cognitive diversity has long been limited to compliance with standards that have influenced the design in prescriptive or constraining terms. For a long time, the accessibility of a space lacked empathy and solidarity.

It has long been considered as a technical requirement on a par with energy efficiency, rather than a social ambition, a movement in favor of the most fragile people and persons in need, an attention capable of generating beauty and better architecture.

A new sensitivity towards the issue of accessibility and inclusiveness in architecture is needed.

This is because there is no such thing as the disabled, the sick, or the different person. There is the person, and each person has physical, cultural, and cognitive characteristics that can affect their perception of space in different ways and at different times in their lives.

Designing inclusive architecture simply means designing better architecture, for everyone.

This is why the course in “Architecture for Inclusion” was created. Its goal is to train professionals to place people back at the heart of design through the principles of Universal design. Whatever the people’s condition, architects can do so by reinterpreting diversity as an opportunity to generate better, inclusive, comprehensible, and meaningful architecture.

Through Dynamo’s experience and the help of some of the most authoritative voices in the field (as neuroscientists and distinguished architects), architects will delve into the technical and composition elements to be adopted in Universal design, according to a program comprising 80 hours of teaching modules, workshops, and visits, 32 hours of workshop, numerous lectures by distinguished professionals and at least 2 months of placement at the illustrious partner firms.



RENZO PIANO | FONDAZIONE RENZO PIANO: Hospice Seragnoli: between therapy and dream


GIANCARLO MAZZANTI | EL EQUIPO MAZZANTI: 21 new schools: the importance of the game in architecture

JEAN-PAUL UZABAKIRIHO | MASS DESIGN GROUP: Architecture through the eyes

ALAN DUNLOP | ALAN DUNLOP ARCHITECT LTD: Hazelwood: school for deafblind children

FRANCO TAGLIABUE VOLONTÉ & IDA ORIGGI | IFDESIGN: Expansion of the Noivoiloro offices: disability and work.

GIUSEPPE GRANT | ORIZZIONTALE ARCHITETTURA: Inclusion as social participation

ANGELO MICHELI | AMDL CIRCLE: Daycare center for Alzheimer’s patients


DYNAMO KINDERGARTEN: Designing a kindergarten for disabled and able-bodied children

Raoul Pantaleo | TAMASSOCIATI

The workshop will provide the practical opportunity to test all the notions provided during the teaching modules and will guarantee strategic solutions to a real architectural project. It will be conducted in collaboration with Dynamo Academy and will deal with the design of a new kindergarten for Dynamo Camp in the heart of the Pistoia Apennines. Thanks to the camp, every year thousands of children with serious illnesses and disabilities have the opportunity to live a free holiday experience that can have extraordinary effects through the method of “recreational therapy.” The project of a kindergarten, where able-bodied and disabled children can grow and play together, is a priority in the future development of the camp both to support the work of operators and to accommodate younger guests. This project will be an exciting and deeply formative challenge for students, who will be able to apply the knowledge they have acquired on accessibility and inclusiveness in architecture to a space with a deeply playful connotation consistent with Dynamo’s method and with that positive vision of universal and inclusive architecture underlining Universal Design.



Construction is a fundamental step in architecture. For this reason, YACademy offers its students the opportunity to participate in the process of producing their own ideas. Thus, the students will gain practical experience on construction sites and, above all, the authorship of projects built for excellent commissions, destined for a major media echo and capable of defining a turning point in their professional career.




In line with the workshop topic, students will be given the opportunity to visit the complex of Dynamo Camp in the Pistoia Apennine Mountains in order to internalize and see Dynamo’s method and philosophy applied.


In keeping with Shinto tradition, in Japan every 20 years the temple of Ise is completely demolished and rebuilt identically on a plot facing the previous one. The purpose is to pass on building and craft skills from one generation to the next. During the work three generations meet: the sixty-year-olds who teach, the forty-year-olds who, having learned, build the new temple in a workmanlike manner, and the twenty-year-olds who observe and learn. Taking part in one of these ceremonies in the fall of 1996, Renzo Piano began to wonder how to transmit his professional experience to young people.



To conclude the course, each student will carry out a period of collaboration with one of YACademy’s partner firms. Such collaboration will have a minimum duration of 2 months and guaranteed remuneration consistently with regulatory requirements. It will aim to perfect students’ skills, offering the rare opportunity to work and interact with some of the world’s leading firms. By enriching their experience through internships and collaborations, students will have a real chance to build a solid network of relationships, useful for accelerating and turning their career around.

Hereby follow some of the professional players with the greatest expertise in relation to the course topic:





At the heart of Bologna’s historic center – in the shade of the Two Towers and adjacent to the square Piazza Santo Stefano –YACademy occupies the ancient courtyard of a prestigious medieval palace, renovated to host an educational hub of excellence and located just a few minutes’ walk – under the UNESCO heritage porticoes – from the Central Station. Equipped with an architecture library of more than 5,000 volumes, YACademy is an evocative place to complete or enrich one’s educational experience in a fascinating setting, immersed in the historical and cultural heart of a bustling city that is always on the move. With an airport connected to major European cities, and located just a stone’s throw from Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan, Bologna is the ideal place from which to set out to discover Italian and European wonders.

To ensure the best and most engaging experience for its students, since 2023, YACademy has been providing numerous apartments in the same building that houses the institute’s classrooms. Different housing solutions will ensure a unique integration and relationship experience among students. Immersed in history, innovation and internationality, at the YACademy campus, young talents selected from the best studios in the world will be able to socialize with one another, building a network of absolute excellence and laying a solid foundation for their professional future.



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Date: June 5, 2023