YEARNING TO BREATHE – ‘Biophilic – Urban Residence’ Design

Submission: January 19, 2023
Registration: January 4, 2023
Language: English
Location: Global
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open

Health studies document the increase in stress and greater prevalence of some mental disorders in the cities. The constant interaction of urban life is leading to psychological problems.

Research shows that even a brief interaction with nature has mental healing benefits. Natural features in the cities are a necessity, features that enhance human health. House needs to be homely and more alive; the home needs to be a structure that can ‘BREATHE’. Cities depend on a healthy environment for proper functioning. Cities need to incorporate nature to bring a positive effect on mental health which can be achieved by interaction with nature.

“Biophilic design is about the value of the embodied beauty of nature that we can bring to our everyday lives, we can create an identity, a sense of belonging and well-being.” – Matthias Olt

Understanding the healing potential of design inspired by nature

To address the issues of the degrading relationship between nature and humans leading to mental illnesses such as stress and depression
Enhancing mental healing and recovery.

Design Program:
A Biophilic Residence that responds to the dense concrete fabric of the city.

Design expectations:
Design an Urban Home that is based on the idea of ‘BIOPHILIA’.
Develop an urban residential model that overcomes the shortcomings of our current city homes. The user should be able to reconnect with nature. Concentrate on architectural and interior design innovations based on Biophilia. A single unit (any type in the existing urban fabric or design a type of your own) Mention the sq. m. (Area) of the residence in the selected location and the reasoning for the same.

“Building supports us best when they echo the scale and tone of the natural environment through inspiring light, form and dimension.” – Matthias Olt

Site / Location – Participants’ choice (Condition: Should be an Urban Area)
The word to remember is ‘BIOPHILIC’.
We are expecting healing architectural design and spaces.

Key Idea to be remembered:
“…Human development in the Natural world has formed our senses and that plays an enormous role in how we experience the world and how we can make it better.”
-Oliver Heath.

Keywords to be remembered:
Biophilia: The innate human attraction to nature and natural processes.
Cities: A place where humans survive and thrive.
Nature: The phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.
Humans: a man, woman, or child of the species Homo sapiens, distinguished from other animals by superior mental development, power of articulate speech, and upright stance.

This competition is open to all.
You can participate individually or as a team (Maximum 3 members in a team)
University students can contact us for discounts – email us at hello@artuminate.com

Judgment Criteria
Conceptual development
Design development


Registration deadline: 4th January 2023
AR (advanced registration): 1st July 2022 – 19th July 2022
ER(early registration): 20th July 2022 – 4th August 2022
SRL1 (standard registration level 1): 5th August 2022 – 4th September 2022
SRL2 (standard registration level 2): 5th September 2022 – 4th October 2022
SRL3 (standard registration level 3): 5th October 2022 – 4th November 2022
SRL4 (standard registration level 4): 5th November 2022 – 4th December 2022
LR (late registration): 5th December 2022 – 19th December 2022
CR(countdown registration): 20th December 2022 – 4th January 2023
Submission deadline: 19th January 2023
Result Announcement: 28th February 2023
Participants will be notified in case of an update in the timeline.


Comments from our jurors for improvement and appreciation
*All the certificates will be attested and e-format.


AR (advanced registration)$25 (INT) / ₹500(IND)
ER(early registration) $27 (INT) / ₹800(IND)
SRL1 (standard registration level 1) $32 (INT) / ₹900(IND)
SRL2 (standard registration level 2):  $37 (INT) / ₹1000(IND)
SRL3 (standard registration level 3): $39 (INT) / ₹1500(IND)
SRL4 (standard registration level 4): $42 (INT) / ₹2000(IND)
LR (late registration): $47 (INT) / ₹2500(IND)
CR(countdown registration): $57 (INT) / ₹2600(IND)
*(INT) – International payments /*(IND) – Indian payments.


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