Submission: March 12, 2015
Registration: March 12, 2015
Language: English
Location: Island of Innisfree, Ireland
Prizes1st prize: Project realization , Award value €30,000
Type: Open


The competition is for the design of a temporary architectural intervention for the island of Innisfree which will mediate between Yeats’ poetic vision and contemporary architectural ideas.

It presents a unique opportunity to design and build in a highly sensitive and protected location, beyond the constraints imposed by a permanent building. It is envisaged that the competition will attract innovative and challenging architectural and sculptural proposals from national and international architects, artists and collaborators. It should also demonstrate the potential of architecture to enhance the experience of an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Entrants will have the opportunity to be part of Yeats 2015, a worldwide event with a considerable legacy. This competition will be a significant cultural moment which will contribute further to dialogue on the role of architecture and creativity, with the potential for experimental and time-based interventions. This is also a unique opportunity for place making in an environmentally sensitive context. The temporary status of the intervention is a crucial consideration as it is envisaged that the harmony of the island remains uninterrupted.

The competition will form part of Art-Architecture-Landscape: a collaborative three-part project with IT Sligo, The Model and Yeats 2015, honouring and embodying WB Yeats and his family’s legacy. All three elements of the initiative will be presented in a building-wide public exhibition at The Model in September and October 2015, which will include selected competition entries and student conceptual projects.
Additionally a legacy publication and short film are being commissioned to document the process. This publication will include a listing of all eligible entrants and a selection of competitors’ designs.

An International Architectural Competition open to regional, national and international practitioners of architecture and art, proposes a poetic intervention for the island of Innisfree which will mediate between Yeats’ poetic vision and contemporary architectural ideas.

The winning design will be constructed on the island for 13th June 2015, as a realisation of Yeats’ vision – a gift on his 150th birthday.

Award value €30,000.

Deadline for Submissions – 17:00 hrs, 12th March 2015

You can download an indicative Isle of Innisfree sitemap here.

You can download the Competition Brief here.

Date: February 6, 2015