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Blank Space has announced the winners of the seventh annual ‘Fairy Tales’ competition. With submissions from over 65 countries, the award-winning entries explore current events and the creative process through wonderfully crafted short stories and artwork. Continue reading

YAC – Young Architects Competitions – announces the winners of Sport Citadel, a competition of ideas  that was launched last June in order to design a multifunction sport center near Turin. Continue reading

Switch Competitions – announce the winners of Central Park Book Studio.

1st prize

Isadora Machado, David Couto, Enrico Postiglione (Brazil)1ST PRIZE- switch competition

2nd prize

Izabela Sykta, Dariusz Sykta, Kamil Dąbek (Poland)2ND PRIZE switch competition

3rd prize

Andrea Di Pietrantonio (Italy)3RD PRIZE switch competition

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YAC – Young Architects Competitions – announce the winners of Plastic Monument, a competition of ideas  that was launched last April in order to design an itinerant installation to raise awareness on the pollution caused by plastics.  Continue reading

YAC – Young Architects Competitions – announce the winners of Common Ruins, a competition of ideas  that was launched last winter in order to breath a new life into an abandoned fortress in France, in the Loire Valley.  Continue reading

We are excited to unveil the winners of our inaugural international competition, challenging teams to “Eliminate Loneliness Through Design.” Organized in response to the global crisis of loneliness and isolation in the modern age, the competition aimed to demonstrate the power of architecture and design to tackle society’s pressing issues. Continue reading

The Universe created the Gods. It is what little known of what human consciousness conceived of the unknown. The emergence of the deities in historical explanation, invasions, conquests, legends and myths gave consistency to man’s own power over himself. The highest Greek mountain has become the temple of the Gods, as the inner force that moves us: our house. Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Athena, Ares, Demeter, Apollo, Artemis, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Hermes, Dionysus. Continue reading

Winners Announced in Eleven’s Award-Winning Space Architecture Competition. Moontopia is the first in a series of international challenges on the subject of space-architecture which Eleven will release, aimed at exploring design-led solutions on the hot-subject of contemporary space exploration. Continue reading

The Iceland Trekking Cabin provokes consideration of architecture’s rudiments. This includes most specifically provision for enclosure, place, and social collectivity. These three issues form the conceptual framework and challenge of the brief. The project requires entrants to imagine a versatile architecture for sheltering travelers in a vast, dynamic landscape defined by topographic contrast and ecological variation; associated with cultural folklore, wonder and imagination. As a structure for nomads and backpackers, the project is culturally precedented, although urbanely by the hostel. Within the context of fjords, lava fields, glaciers, and mountains, and accompanied by the respective trekking ethos, leaving only footprints, the nearest architectural paradigm is perhaps that of a tent.  Continue reading