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The Hong Kong Pixel Home Competition calls into question the perennial typological challenge of multi-unit housing, prescient in consideration of expanding populations and parallel urban growth. The contemporary urban condition is distressed by housing shortages distinguished by inflationary markets and increased economic disparity. Residents are confronted by an increasingly ballooning compromise between capital and comfort. The Hong Kong Pixel Home Competition seeks solutions that would stem this trend through typological disruption, reconsidering entrenched structures and expectations of contemporary housing, with ambition of innovating or reinventing conventional forms of domesticity through the agency of architecture. Precedented by the ethic of Metabolism and New Brutalism of the last century, the competition invites anticipation of aggregatory formal, technological, and material strategies predicated on modularity and repetition in pursuit of challenging contemporary forms of urbanity. Successful projects explore the consequence of density, amenity, and public and private adjacency, with consideration of novel approaches to domestic propriety, culture, and tradition. Continue reading

The Iceland Trekking Cabin provokes consideration of architecture’s rudiments. This includes most specifically provision for enclosure, place, and social collectivity. These three issues form the conceptual framework and challenge of the brief. The project requires entrants to imagine a versatile architecture for sheltering travelers in a vast, dynamic landscape defined by topographic contrast and ecological variation; associated with cultural folklore, wonder and imagination. As a structure for nomads and backpackers, the project is culturally precedented, although urbanely by the hostel. Within the context of fjords, lava fields, glaciers, and mountains, and accompanied by the respective trekking ethos, leaving only footprints, the nearest architectural paradigm is perhaps that of a tent.  Continue reading