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Submission: April 13, 2022
Registration: March 30, 2022
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Women in architecture are often overlooked for their invaluable contributions to design, structures, and cities. For this competition Bee Breeders is partnering with the Association for Women in Architecture + Design to create a commemorative marker for the important role played by female architects and designers. The Marker Design Challenge “A dedicated recognition of women in architecture!” competition tasks its participants with designing a physical marker that will be placed next to a structure or landscape of their choice that was designed by a woman, anywhere in the world. The marker can come in any form – as a plaque, monument, mural, sculpture, symbol, piece of street art, or even physically embedded in a cornerstone.

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market design challenge

Submission: May 18, 2016
Registration: May 04, 2016
Language: English
Location: London, UK
Prizes: 1st Prize: US $3,000, 2nd Prize: US $1,500, 3rd Prize: US$ 500
Type: Open


Bee Breeders architecture competition organisers are running the London Internet Museum architecture competition; it is a chance for architecture enthusiasts to use creative designs to connect current generations with both the past and the future. Participants are tasked with submitting ideas for an internet museum which shows both the history of the internet, as well as acting as a platform to discuss and workshop its future.  Continue reading