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Submission: February 13, 2022
Registration: February 13, 2022
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: $ 2 000
Type: Open


Dwelling (A House) remains the place where we all spent most of the time of our lives and experience architecture, learn connect to it through emotions. A dwelling represents our culture our backgrounds, ownership, safety. A dwelling is a place we all want to return where everyone finds comfort, despite how chaotic our lives are. From the caves of the beginning of civilisation to the smart homes, we are improving the quality of our dwelling’s day by day with the development of various technologies, innovations in artificial intelligence and changes we are seeing in our day to day life. We at Archue want to understand how the future of dwelling will be for our future generations. With the rise of many unknowns such as global warming, sandstorms, rising sea level, rise in urban population facing real life challenges in front of all of us to reshape our basic unit of living to deal with these issues.

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