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With the third issue we continue the series of books devoted to the architecture competitions. The end of the year and the beginning of the new one is always a time to think about the past challenges, learn from them and celebrate the successes. It is time to appreciate the effort we put and proudly look into bright future. Architecture Competitions Yearbook is a celebration of the most interesting projects that were designed during 2021. With this issue we would like to honor all winners, offer them deserved recognition and share their stories that can inspire many more. Who knows, maybe, next year edition will be about your path to the victory!

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Architecture Competitions Yearbook 2021

Participating in architecture competitions is a meaningful part of university studies and architecture professional career. There are many benefits that come from facing this type of challenges. Starting from getting knowledge and gaining experience, through learning time management or collaboration skills, finishing on possibility to be awarded as well as getting appreciation in the architecture world. But, no pain, no gain. Participating in architecture competition is a long and very demanding process that requires devoted commitment. In this article we would like to explain how “competitions world” works, how to choose the most suitable challenge and start your first entry as well.

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how to participate in architecture competitions