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‘ What made them win the architecture competition? ‘ is a series of articles dedicated to the best entries in architecture challenges launched recently. We would like to showcase and explain what made the awarded submission extraordinary and how their authors achieved the outstanding effect. We are going to present the complete analysis of the representing ideas, graphical expression and text description – as we believe that those three elements are the key to the victory in every architecture competition.

We will start this series with the best submission of Kaira Looro Competition 2021. The text will be explaining how Juan Pablo Lopez Isabella from Uruguay convinced the jury panel to award him with the first prize.

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How to submit your first competition entry? How to explain the idea behind the project? How to make eye-catching layout that will grab the attention of any jury panels? And finally, how to make a good project – the winning one that you will be always proud of? Those and many more questions are always asked during designing process. If you are a student or an architect, the question ‘ How ‘ is accompanying your university and professional life on regular basis. Architecture Competition Yearbook 2020 was created and published to help young architects understand the “competition world” and encourage them to become a part of it. The authors of the ACY wanted to show the stories behind winning submissions of 10 the most appreciated architecture competitions launched in 2020. Some of them may help competitors answer the following questions and find their own way for awards.

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With this text, we continue series of articles on Competitions.archi. We will be showcasing the case studies of the projects that were awarded in various architecture competitions.

The main focus of this series is to understand the design process behind all winning submissions. That is why we will be asking all architects and designers ‘ How you won that competition? ‘. We’re curious about their path, from the first draft, the first blueprint to the full-scale plan. We’re also interested to see which solutions had been dropped on the way, what kind of choices had to be made, and most importantly, what was the grand idea behind the project. That is why we will be asking for sketches, drafts and detailed descriptions so that we can fully understand their technique and the process that resulted in the awarded works.

We started with Emergency Operations Center – Kaira Looro Competitions, Fairy Tales 2020 Competition and Xi’An Train Station Competition. Now is time to present the concept behind the winning submission in eVolo 2020.

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Participating in architecture competitions is a meaningful part of university studies and architecture professional career. There are many benefits that come from facing this type of challenges. Starting from getting knowledge and gaining experience, through learning time management or collaboration skills, finishing on possibility to be awarded as well as getting appreciation in the architecture world. But, no pain, no gain. Participating in architecture competition is a long and very demanding process that requires devoted commitment. In this article we would like to explain how “competitions world” works, how to choose the most suitable challenge and start your first entry as well.

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