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Submission: October 03, 2019
Registration: No prior registration required
Language: English/Serbian
Location: Novi Sad, Serbia
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


A number of improvements and reconstructions of public spaces, of the so called new places where people gather and places for dissemination of culture, are being made as part of the preparations for the year 2021 when Novi Sad will become the European Capital of Culture. For this occasion, on August 22nd 2019, the Foundation “Novi Sad 2021” announces the urban design call for improvement of small public spaces called “New Places”.  Continue reading

novisad competition

Submission: December 12, 2019
Registration: December 12, 2019
Language: English, Espaniol, Italian
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The fourteen islands on Lake Malaren that make up the city of Stockholm preserve a seven hundred year of history that racount the story of the Swedish capital. The buildings of the late nineteenth century, the Gothic churches, parks characterize a european capital in which architecture and nature coexist in perfect balance. The metroline is a place of art: among these is the subway line where the stops become a moment to discovery the works of local artists exhibited in them.

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