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Submission: May 23, 2018
Registration:  May 23, 2018
Language: English
Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


The aim of this competition is to make it possible to identify and implement an integrated urban remodelling concept that meets the complex needs of an area of significant size for the efficient functioning of the city of Cluj-Napoca.

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parcul feroviar cluj napoca

Submission: April 19, 2017
Registration: April 19, 2017
Language: English
Location: Romulus Vuia Ethnographic Park Area, Romania
Prizes: 1st Prize: 31500 RON (approx. 6950 €), 2nd Prize: 22500 RON (approx. 4960 €), 3rd Prize:18000 RON (approx. 3970 €)
Type: Open


The reasoning behind this Competition is the opportunity of extending the current Park, in terms of capitalisation of the territory and from a functional perspective as well. Thus, it would be possible to develop new areas intended to assume novel, modern functions related to the Open-Air Ethnographic Park, which at this moment works as a museum (cultural heritage objects located within premises reproducing the rural landscape specific to different areas, specific visiting hours, guided tours, restricted access to protected areas, preserved premises etc.).

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romulus Vuia Etnographic Park Revitalisation