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Submission: February 01, 2017
Registration: January 25, 2017
Language: English, Korean
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Prizes: 1st Prize: Design Contract, The runner-ups will be awared with the total prize of 752,000,000 KRW
Type: Open


Art Complex—combination of art archive, library and museum with local and historical resources as the medium – Expectation of innovative designs that will realize the new form of institute. Continue reading

art complex seoul

Submission: December 02, 2016
Registration: December 02, 2016
Language: English
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Prizes: 1st Prize: US $5,000, 2nd Prize: US $2,000, 3rd Prize: US $1,000
Type: Open


One can never emphasize too much the importance of air.  Recently, Seoul and its vicinity and provincial areas has been plagued by air pollution, specifically fine dust and ultrafine particles, where the nation’s permissible levels are double those the World Health Organization recommends.  The latest air pollution crisis in Korea is putting people at unease due to health risks.  Aside from the government addressing the issue with appropriate countermeasures, could architects design buildings which can clean air?

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Submission: December 16, 2016
Registration: October 17, 2016
Language: English, Korean
Location: Jeonnam, South Korea
Prizes: 1st Prize: design rights, 2nd Prize: 30 million KRW, 3rd Prize: 15 million KRW
Type: Open


The Jeonnam Development corporation announces a call for entry as below for the architectural design competition aimed to construct a new Jeonnam Museum of Art.

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Submission: December 27, 2016
Registration: October 14, 2016
Language: English, Korean
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Prizes: 1st Prize: Design Contract, 2nd Prize: 40 million KRW, 3rd Prize: 30 million KRW
Type: Open


The Seoul Metropolitan Government announces a call for entry as below for the design competition aimed to construct a new 「Seoul Animation Center. Continue reading

Submission: June 30, 2016
Registration: May 20, 2016
Language: English, Korean
Location: Busan, South Korea
Prizes: 1st Prize: $50,000, 2nd Prize: $30,000, 3rd Prize: $10,000
Type: Open International Design Competition


In Mulmangol village, a small town sitting on the foothills of Hwangnyoengsan Mountain in Busan, South Korea, there is an underground bunker facility that has been left unattended for the past several decades. It is a one-of-a-kind urban site in Korea. As part of its urban renewal project, Busan Metropolitan City recently decided to provide administrative support for a speedy regeneration project of the underground bunker. Continue reading


Submission: May 27, 2016
Registration: May 06, 2016
Language: English, Korean
Location: Nodeul Dream Island, South Korea
Prizes: 1st Prize: Design Contract, 2nd Prize: KRW 50 million, 3rd Prize: KRW 30 million
Type: Restricted


Seoul Metropolitan Government holds an international competition in order to establish a Music-led cultural complex until 2018, in which domestic and oversea specialists from various fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, etc. can participate. Continue reading