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Submission: July 31, 2018
RegistrationJuly 30, 2018
Language: English
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Japan and its people have been at the forefront of a digital revolution since the past four or five decades. The country has long existed between two realms. On the one hand, we have the traditional “old world” of temples, tea ceremonies and calligraphic cherry blossoms. On the other hand, there shines a futuristic “new” world of bullet trains, AI dogs, anime pilgrimages, 2.5-dimension theatres, digital currency like J-coin and receptive gaming consoles. Japan has been a place of fascination throughout the years, particularly to those interested in media and popular culture, business, science and technology, and other related areas such as transport and tourism.

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Tokyo Anti Library

Submission: October 6, 2017
Registration: October 2, 2017
Language: English, Japanese
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Prizes: 1st Prize: 1,000,000 JPY, 2nd Prize: 500,000 JPY, 3rd Prize: 300,000 JPY, x8 Merit Prize: ¥100,000 each
Type: Open


“Bridging” signifies, “connecting different places by drawing bridges”. Once the bridge is drawn over the river, the traffic of people and matter is born. Recently, we also call the connections among different networks bridging. Continue reading

nisshinkogyo architecture competition

Submission: April 20, 2017
Registration: April 16, 2017
Language: English, Spanish, French
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Prizes: 3000€ + Subcription to L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui magazine
Type: Open


Tokyo is characterized by an extent of individual constructions interspersed by large avenues with high-rise buildings. Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, of Bow-Wow Agency, when theorizing Tokyo urban planning, de nes three different developments in the formation of the urban fabric: «forti ed village», «subdivurban» and «commersidence». Continue reading

living and working in Tokyo

Submission: December 02, 2016
Registration: December 02, 2016
Language: English, Japanese
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Prizes: Please check details below
Type: Open


Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. have been continuously pursuing “Safety” and providing passenger–centric high quality services. Determining that all passengers should use our lines without any concerns, we are promoting various measures of both hardware & software to reach a “world-top-level” metro. Regarding the renewal project of Ginza Line whose 90th anniversary will come in 2017, Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. has been holding a series of design competitions since December 2012, which invites various ideas to make the Ginza Line more attractive. Continue reading

Submission: September 24 , 2016
Registration: September 23, 2016
Language: English
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Prizes: Prizes total to $8,000
Type: Open


​In the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, arch out loud challenges designers to develop proposals for a vertical cemetery that explores the relationship between life and death within the city. The need to examine this condition affords designers the opportunity to not just efficiently respond to the issue of space but also look into the cultural identity that this solemn program can project within its environment.

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