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Archstorming, an architectural platform that organizes international humanitarian competitions, has released the results for the Ethiopian Satellite Preschools contest. In this competition, participants were challenged to design a school for the NGO Abay Ethiopia, a non-profit organization from Spain that operates in Walmara, Ethiopia, with the aim of fighting against poverty and promoting equal opportunities, mainly through the development of Education, Health and Community support projects in general.

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Archstorming was calling for proposals to design a secondary school  in Benga (Malawi). Universal education, gender equality and empowering women are vital components of the mission in developing countries. Educating children helps reduce poverty and will give the next generation the tools to fight poverty and conquer disease. School also offers children a safe environment, with support, supervision and socialization. Here they learn life skills that can help them prevent diseases, including how to avoid HIV/AIDS and malaria. Children may receive life-saving vaccines, fresh water and nutrient supplementation at school.

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Archstorming just announced winners of African House Design Competition . The challenge was to  design house for The Jorejick  family. They are a Tanzanian family from the tribe of the Iraq. They live in Getamock, a small town in the north of the country. The family includes 19 people, of which 15 currently live in the house.

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