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Submission: May 20, 2022
Registration: May 13, 2022
Language: English
Location: Global
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


“HOME” is a space that is intimate to all living beings on the planet. It has a broader, deeper and personal connection with its user apart from being a physical shelter for humans and their daily lives, a home forms a distinct, intimate connection with its users. The ultimate goal for a home is to ignite “the idea of belonging” within its sphere and amongst all those sharing the space.

This gradual rise in population has created an overall housing shortage which can trigger the risk of homelessness, and unorganised development such as slums as well. The health management risks that follow has a massive impact on one’s personal state of mind. To make things worse, the impact of COVID-19 coupled with environmental and financial concerns has further aggravated the housing crisis.

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