Presence International Architecture Competition

Submission: 10th May 2024 Registration: 30th April 2024 Location: Ahmedabad Language: English Prizes: View website Type: Open

Bharat: The land of light
Celebrating the Past
“Bharat- the Land of Light”, has a deep rooted history, diverse culture, and eminent Architecture. The rich heritage of the nation is filled with magnificent architectural creations: Konark Sun temple, Chittorgarh Fort and Ellora Caves each shaping our society across centuries. Structures such Bharat Bhavan, Jawahar kala Kendra, Indian Coffee House narrate the stories of their respective eras standing as a symbol of India’s timeless legacy.


The Opportunity!
We stand at the threshold of a pivotal transition in India’s architectural landscape. In this transformational journey lies the Opportunity and Responsibility to pause, reflect and celebrate the masters who gave their life in curating the Nation’s Story and champion the vivid tapestry of Indian architecture.


Awards and Recognition



Early Bird Registrations 26th Jan 24 – 29th Feb 24

Standard Registrations 01st Mar 24 – 31st Mar 24

Late Registrations 01st Apr 24 – 30th​ Apr 24

Submission Deadline 15​th – May 24

Result Announcement 30​th May 24



Date: January 26, 2024