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Submission: January 06, 2017
Registration: November 04, 2016
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: 1st Prize: $5,000, 2nd Prize: $2,000, 3rd Prize: $1,000
Type: Open


The City of Shaker Heights seeks architect-builder teams with innovative ideas for high quality, super energy-efficient, owner-occupied housing for middle income households that can serve as a catalyst to attract new residents to neighborhoods that were hard hit by the housing crisis. We are not just looking for concepts; we are looking for teams who are ready to build something new and exciting that will set the tone for the future of our neighborhoods.

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Submission: April 29, 2016
Registration: April 29, 2016
Language: English
Location: Memphis, USA
Prizes: 1st Prize: $10,000, 2nd Prize: $5,000, 3rd Prize: $3,000
Type: Open


The Re-defining Home: Home Today, Home Tomorrow competition challenges architects and designers to create new standards in housing design so people can stay in their home as they travel through various life stages: from entering the workforce,  getting married, having a family, sending kids to college, becoming a grandparent, following personal passions with new careers and hobbies, and considering retirement.

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