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Submission: December 15, 2020
Registration: December 10, 2020
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Student Competitions


Ladakh Ecological Development Group (LEDeG) under ‘Liveable Leh’, a project funded by the European Union and supported by BORDA (Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association) and GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), is currently working towards achieving an inclusive, resilient and liveable Himalayan city. The main focus of the project is to mitigate Climate Change and also to achieve Sustainable Development Goals 6 (clean water and sanitation) and 11 (sustainable cities and communities). As a part of this initiative, LEDeG is launching a Global Design Competition on solutions to resolve problems in high-altitude towns, under Work Package 4.8 of the Liveable Leh project. Continue reading

liveable leh

Submission: March 13, 2021
Registration: January 13, 2021
Language: English
Location: Liberland & Napredak
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Agenda>>> In this unprecedented moment of global crisis, we have the opportunity to collectively rethink the values, agendas and practices guiding the design of our built environments. As countries converge on drastic social control measures that aim to combat the Coronavirus pandemic, the fundamental infrastructures of every societal function system have been undermined and threatened with collapse, or at best, an unstable future (global interdependence, markets, supply chains, personal and collective liberty, healthcare, livelihood, governance, etc). There is a newfound urgency to activate novel agendas to counteract this new normal. Liberland’s agenda is an ideal contender.   Continue reading

liberland design competition 2020

Submission: May 01, 2016
Registration: May 01, 2016
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: 5 winners – up to 10,000 EUR
Type: Open


The What Design Can Do Refugee Challenge is a global design competition that calls on the creative community to come up with game-changing ideas for accommodating, connecting, integrating and helping the personal development of refugees. The challenge specifically focuses on refugees in urban areas, as nearly 60 per cent of the world’s 20 million refugees now live in urban areas. Continue reading