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Submission: January 1, 2022
Registration: November 22, 2021
Language: English
Location: Hyderabad, India
Prizes: 1 Lakh Indian rupees
Type: Open


“The Green Kingdom”, is a living dream of a wise man, also a famous, sculptor, artist and creative enthusiast Mr.R.Ramdev. In his 150 Acres of vast land, tastefully being designed and developed, with trees, Plants and sculptures from around the world. It is located at near HITEC corridor, Hyderbad which is a fast growing and developing side of the city. The project is aimed at spellbinding people from all around the world to experience the magic of heterogeneity residing within creatively designed built environments and unique concepts.

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cottage design challenge

Submission: March 15, 2016
Registration: March 04, 2016
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: a total of US $10,000
Type: Students & Young Architects


Branch Technology is pleased to invite architects, designers, engineers and artists from around the world to take part in the FREEFORM HOME DESIGN CHALLENGE. The competition is an investigation of how 3D printing technologies can improve our built environment and lives today. Continue reading