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Submission: June 1, 2021
Registration: June 1, 2021
Language: English, Polish
Location: Cracov, Poland
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Free, Open


The subject of the 24-Hour Sundial Competition is to develop an original design of a small or medium-sized mobile architectural form. The sculpture/architectural installation, which is not permanently fixed to the ground. Architectural sculpture/installation should not only be limited to measuring time according to changes in the position of the Sun, expressed as local solar time. The winning project, once constructed, will be exhibited on the square at the foot of the Wawel Royal Castle, Powiśle 11 Street in Krakow.

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24-hour Sundial

Submission: May 01, 2016
Registration: May 01, 2016
Language: English
Location: Austin, Texas, USA
Prizes: Exhibition and Publication of OBJECT
Type: Open


This is a call for works of art or design that (i) might fairly be called ‘objects’ by the nascent philosophies of Speculative Realism and Object Oriented Ontology, and that (ii) will throw light on architecture as a peculiar set of objects, phenomena, ideas, relations, connections, skills, materials, obligations, and operations. A selection of twenty of these Objects—all physical and all, whether singular or configurations of smaller objects, falling within the four Parameters set out below—will be exhibited for two weeks around a three-day symposium to be staged by the Center for American Architecture and Design (CAAD) at The University of Texas at Austin in October 2016 called “The Secret Life of Buildings.” Continue reading