24-hour Sundial

24-hour Sundial

Submission: June 1, 2021
Registration: June 1, 2021
Language: English, Polish
Location: Cracov, Poland
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Free, Open


The subject of the 24-Hour Sundial Competition is to develop an original design of a small or medium-sized mobile architectural form. The sculpture/architectural installation, which is not permanently fixed to the ground. Architectural sculpture/installation should not only be limited to measuring time according to changes in the position of the Sun, expressed as local solar time. The winning project, once constructed, will be exhibited on the square at the foot of the Wawel Royal Castle, Powiśle 11 Street in Krakow.

Polish cities are the spaces in which we live and follow our passions, so they should be designed bearing in mind those whom they serve every day. Each street, square, even the smallest alley is our Common Heritage; small components of a much larger whole that we will leave behind for future generations. That is why you should enter the competition and send us your project.

The idea behind the 24hour Sundial

Sundials have been with us for thousands of years, but they used to show the time only from sunrise to sunset, only on sunny days, but even then a little cloud made it impossible to see the shadow of the clock hand.Imagine a clock that works despite the cloud cover, one that tells the time even after dark. What is needed to make this possible? A source of artificial light (reflector, laser, etc.) whose “rays” imitate the movement of the Sun, falling in exactly the same way as the Sun would. Thanks to this we obtain the same effect we see a shadow, indicating the exact time the Sun!


The 24Hour Sundial Competition is open to artists, designers, urban planners, sculptors, and in particular to university students. It is open to anyone who has the knowledge and skills to prepare a design in accordance with the technical guidelines.

The stages of the Competition

The Competition is a twostage event. In the first stage, a participant or a design team submits to the Organiser their competition work along with a onepage description. From 2 to 5 projects selected by the Jury will go through to the next stage. Their authors will be asked to supplement their work with a 3D model in 1:10 scale. In the second stage, the Jury will choose the winning project, which will be built. A public vote will be held independently. The announcement of the results will be followed by the stage of refining the clock mechanism and selecting the creator of the project.


Cracov, Poland – the square at the foot of the Wawel Royal Castle, Powiśle 11 Street in Krakow.


The prize pool of 25,000 PLN contains the following prizes:
Main prize: 15 000 PLN
Audience award: 5000 PLN
Second place award: 3000 PLN
Third place award: 2000 PLN

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