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London New Architecture Competition

London: Design Capital – Call for Entries

Submission: March 02, 2017
Registration: March 02, 2017
Language: English
Location: London, UK
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


New London Architecture (NLA) is inviting submissions of international projects, masterplans and strategies, delivered by London-based teams around the world, as part of ‘London Design Capital’, a major NLA Insight Study, publication and exhibition uncovering the global reach of London’s built environment industries.


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BIM architecture competition

SIDE BIM Competition

Submission: February 19, 2017
Registration: February 19, 2017
Language: English, German
Location: Austria, Vienna
Prizes: 1st Prize: 1000€, 2nd Prize: 600€, 3rd Prize: 400€
Type: Open


BIM Competition for Austrian Students. This year for the first time the Austrian SIDE BIM Award will take place. This is a competition addressed to all (architecture) students in Austria, which awards the best BIM projects with prizes. Our goal is to give students an understanding of future orientated planning methods. The software independence is an important aspect of the SIDE BIM Award to clarify that BIM is not a software, but a working approach. (more…)

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new york housing competition


Submission: February 23, 2017
Registration: February 23, 2017
Language: English
Location: New York, USA
Prizes: 1st Prize: US$ 3000, 2nd Prize: US$ 1500, 3rd Prize: US$ 500
Type: Open


In the words of Bill de Blasio, New Yorkers have a “crisis of affordability” on their hands. This is a crisis built upon the success that the city has had in recent decades. These years have made the city safer, and more appealing, for people from all over the world to come and start businesses, studies, and their lives.


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how to win architecture competition

7 Practical Advices On How To Success In Architectural Competitions

Earlier this year, we entered eVolo’s annual skyscraper competition and the objective was to challenge the way people understand vertical architecture and its relationship with the natural and built environments. It is a concept competition hosted by the avant-garde architectural magazine eVolo, which values novel, original and visionary ideas. (more…)

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Moscow Metro Stations International Competition

Submission: March 13, 2017
Registration: December 15, 2016
Language: English, Russian
Location: Moskow, Russia
Prizes: Please check details below
Type: Open


The objective of the competition is to create unique design solutions for the interiors and entrance pavilions of three new stations of the Third Interchange Contour — “Sheremetyevskaya”, “Rzhevskaya”, “Stromynka”. (more…)

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art complex seoul

Seoul Art Complex

Submission: February 01, 2017
Registration: January 25, 2017
Language: English, Korean
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Prizes: 1st Prize: Design Contract, The runner-ups will be awared with the total prize of 752,000,000 KRW
Type: Open


Art Complex—combination of art archive, library and museum with local and historical resources as the medium – Expectation of innovative designs that will realize the new form of institute. (more…)

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don't move improve competition

‘Don’t Move, Improve!’

Submission: November 03, 2016
Registration: November 03, 2016
Language: English
Location: London, UK
Prizes: Pls check details below
Type: Open


New London Architecture (NLA), the capital’s forum for the built environment, has launched a competition to find London’s best home extension or improvement project completed within the last two years.  (more…)

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Rail Baltica competition

Submission: November 07, 2016
Registration: November 07, 2016
Language: English
Location: Riga, Latvia
Prizes: Total prize fund of the Competition is 150 000 EUR
Type: Open


A Sketch Design for a complex spatial development of the Riga Central multi-modal public transport hub in Riga and construction of the Rail Baltica Railway Bridge over the River Daugava. The Sketch Design should include functional and architectural solutions for rebuilding and expansion of the Riga passanger station, architectural and design solutions of levelling of the existing railway embankment and construction of a new overpass, structural design of the Rail Baltica Bridge over the River Daugava, master plan solutions for the entire development of the Competition area. (more…)

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Reinventing the Seine

Submission: October 03, 2016
Registration: September 12, 2016
Language: English, French
Location: Siene, France
Prizes: N/A
Type: Open


Water stretches, existing buildings, bare lands, engineering works…The call for projects “Reinventing the Seine” consists in submitting sites along the Axe Seine to occupy, animate, rent or purchase to implement innovative projects. This multi-site approach is aimed at revealing and giving life to the Axe Seine : the local authorities and ports of the territory are laying down a challenge for innovators worldwide… to invent new ways of living, working and travelling on and along the water, making use of the various sites. (more…)

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Genoa Blueprint Competition

Submission: December 15, 2016
Registration: December 15, 2016
Language: English, Italian
Location: Genoa, Italy
Prizes: 1st place: € 75.000, 2nd place: € 15.000, 3rd place: € 15.000
Type: Open


Blueprint is the title of the vision for the city given by Renzo Piano Building Workshop as a free contribution to the future port, industrial, planning and social development of Genoa. The competition, based on this vision of city development, seeks to be the instrument to deal with the issue of the urban voids. It also seeks to recover the area of the former Genoa International Trade Fair, by analogy with the experiments and plans of this kind being produced nationally and internationally, so translating this issue into a concrete project of high quality. (more…)

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