idc 2021

8th International Design Competition

Submission: November 25, 2021
Registration: November 30, 2021
Language: English
Location: Mumbai, India
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Student Competition


ACA’s 8th International Design Competition 2021 with the theme, ‘MONADIC ARCHITECTURE’, an attempt to investigate design outcomes through reintroducing Monadic / Modular architecture in the contemporary domain as an undeniable answer to meet some the rural and urban building needs. IDC 2021 attempts to inculcate this need of the future and encourage young minds to embrace this method of design evolution. The competition entails the submission of a design proposal that involves the repetition of a single module to create space and form. The building typology can range from housing to schools to budget resorts and office complexes. The proposal must address a solution to a specific problem in their country of origin.

Entries will be judged based on the solution proposed and how sensitively the issue has been addressed. The complexity of the issue being resolved along with the manner in which the unit is multiplied to achieve spatial quality and economic advantage shall also be taken into consideration


After the receipt of all entries by the stipulated deadline, 50 entries will be selected in round 1 by the review team of ACA.

  • Each jury member will be sent 17 entries for evaluation, from which they will choose the best 5.
  • The best 5 entries from each of the 3 jurors will form the top 15 entries
  • These 15 entries will then be sent to the entire panel for a joint evaluation, moderated by ACA where the final 3 winners will be decided on a joint consensus
  • Official Declaration of the 3 winners.

Copyright for all material received as part of the competition, its publication and for the reproduction of content shall be solely with ACA. All the entries will be the property of ACA.


STAGE 1: Online Registration of entries on our website http://adityacampus.org/idc/register.
Registration closes on: NOVEMBER 25th, 2021
STAGE 2:  Last date for  online submission of  entries Is NOVEMBER 30th, 2021.
All Submissions shall be made in PDF or JPEG format only.
Submissions shall  be made only through the  unique USER ID generated after registering on  our  website.
STAGE 3: IDC Jury – DECEMBER 12th – 17th, 2021
STAGE 4: Results shall be declared on DECEMBER 18th, 2021.


The Competition is open to all bona fide students from All Years of their respective Under Graduate (B.Arch / B.S. Arch) or Graduate Architecture (M.Arch / M.S Arch) course recognized by their respective State/Country Board of Education or by their Country’s respective Architecture Schools Associations. Young architects, who have finished their undergraduate course in 2019 are also eligible to participate.

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Date: October 4, 2021