Future of Money Award

Submission: 28th March 2024 Registration: 17th January 2024 Location: UK Language: English Prizes: £500 for three shortlisted finalists

The brief:

For this year’s FOM awards, we challenge creative thinkers and makers (of all types) to speculate and create a vision of a National Wealth Service. This is a huge task, so you don’t only need to look at the bigger picture, you could focus on a small core aspect within traditional fnancial services – like digital access or literacy, education in financial principles, coping / managing debt. Or proposing new services that increase meritocratic wealth opportunities or even encouraging philanthropy. You could propose using a technological tool to povide a solution. Or envisage a shift in cultural values that changes the impetus that drives wealth creation.

Who can enter?

Anyone!!! However, final concepts need to be communicated effectively via a short video (if shortlisted as a finalist). Hence if you don’t have skills in visualisation, but have a great idea, perhaps befriend someone who can help? If you are a brilliant social scientist with an innovative approach, perhaps join forces with a designer or artist?


Shortlisted projects – three finalists
£500 each for the three shortlisted finalists for project development.
Several non-cash prizes, travel expenses to London for presentations, an opportunity to present to financial and payment industry experts, projects achieved on the FOM award website and a physical award (to put on the shelf).

Where to enter?
Send entries to: enter@futuremoneyaward.com
Deadline For Submissions: 28.03.24

Date: January 18, 2024