Get Inspired by the Winning Designs of 2022: Architecture Competitions Yearbook

The Architecture Competitions Yearbook (ACY) 2022 is an essential resource for students and young architects who want to improve their skills, expand their knowledge, and learn from successful designers. Each year, the book contains several sections that provide valuable insights into the work of established architects and young professionals and this year is no exception.

In the 4th issue of ACY, you’ll find three stories from talented young architects working in some of the world’s most recognizable architectural offices, describing their participation in noteworthy competitions, as well as the “How we won that competition?” section, providing excellent insights into the work of other designers. In this section, architects share their approach, methodology, and design strategies, offering valuable lessons for young architects. By studying the work of awarded architects, you can learn how to develop your own design skills, gain inspiration, and acquire practical knowledge that will help you in your future career.


 One of the most interesting stories in the ACY 2022 is about the LEGO House competition, won by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). The objective of the competition was not only to maximize the potential of the site but also to represent the creativity of the most famous blocks. Ryohei Koike describes how the company managed to win the heart of the owner of LEGO by implementing their Information Driven Design method, relying on an African proverb and understanding that the proportions of LEGO bricks already surround us.

The story is followed by Cosimo Scotucci’s look back on one of the most prestigious contests in Asia: The Hainan Art Center where MVRDV managed to combine delicate and airy concepts with solidity in a project that connected two parts of the city and incorporated various cultural functions.

The urban context, climate conditions, and social impact were just as important in the competition for the headquarters of one of the tech companies in Hanoi, Vietnam. Filip Piwowarczyk shares how B+H Architects came up with the idea of a V-shaped building and how it drew inspiration from houses on stilts and rice field terraces.


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The ACY 2022 also features 10 of the most interesting architecture competitions held over the last twelve months, covering a wide range of topics, from humanitarian architecture to innovative skyscraper designs. One of the competitions, the Kaira Looro international architecture competition, held by the humanitarian organization Balouo Salo, attracted students and young architects from all over the world to submit proposals for a humanitarian architecture aimed at combating child malnutrition in an area of Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Ghana Innovation Farm competition, launched by YAC – Young Architects Competitions – in collaboration with Manni Group, aimed to design a technological and cultural hub in one of the emerging African agricultural scenarios. The competition sought to support InspiraFarms in designing a technological and cultural hub that would generate a greater availability of products and job opportunities in a place where more than 25% of the local population lives below the poverty line.

How we won that competition?

The yearbook offers an invaluable opportunity for young architects to learn from other designers by analyzing successful projects and reading about design strategies. You can develop your own unique approach to design and improve your skills by learning how to grab the attention of a jury panel and reviewing the sketches and dashboards of winning submissions, as well as hearing about the hurdles on the way and methods to overcome them.

What else can be found inside?

  • tons of inspiration
  • insight to the work of accomplished architects, their methods and approach
  • a complete, step-by-step guide through the design process
  • tools that allow you to improve your skills and master the design process

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Date: May 10, 2023