Kohler Bold Design Rising Star Awards

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Kohler Bold Design Rising Star Awards, formulated by the global classic kitchen and bath brand, Kohler and Young Bird Plan, in the name of the Kohler Bold Design Rising Star, is an annual award specially set for the 4th WCM (World Campus Masters Selective Graduation Design Program).

This award aims to stimulate the innovative spirit of youngsters – being bold to break through. It encourages students and designers, of majors in architecture, interiors and product design, to focus on the experience of human centered residence and explore how to improve the quality of life in residences. How to get an insight and interpret the deep needs based on human nature? How to propose an innovative, forward-looking, smart and green design? How to create a human centered space that is more comfortable, healthier, more personalized, more functional, smarter and more sustainable? How to provide a lifestyle experience, with vitality and warmth?

The new generation in design field is the target power of this award
that strives to be pioneering in the fast changing and competitive world. Through the medium of design, it explores the deep value of
living in residences, reshapes the value of high quality life, and extends multiple possibilities of life quality. As an engine for industry upgrading and reformation, it consistently promotes the sustainable development of architecture, interiors and product design as well as materials application, implementing the Kohler brand vision – Believing in Better.


It is free of charge and open to all global participants of any major related to architecture, interiors and product design,including students, undergraduates, post-graduates and doctors as well as designers who shall graduate within 5 calendar years(2019-2023). Both individuals and teams can participate in the WCM’s Corporate-tailored Award, Kohler Bold Design Rising Star Awards, and the submitted works include but not limit to your course works and the completed graduation design works.

Registration Method:

1. Click the competition page of the 4th WCM in 2023 and then register to sign up the competition.

2. Submit your completed design work.

3. Apply for this award by email. Email Subject: WCM 2023 Apply for Kohler Bold Design Rising Star Awards; Email Content: Creator’s
CV+Registration Code; Email your application to: wcm@youngbird.com.cn


Top 3 (3 winners): Each winner gains 1 set of the Artist Editions Collection – A World on Strings by Ziling Wang BraznTM for the Kohler 150-year anniversary.Top 10 (7 winners): Each winner gains 1 set of the Kohler Moxie Showerhead.Top 30 (20 winners): Each winner gains 1 set of the Kohler Moleskine Notebook and Pen Set.


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Date: October 19, 2023