Officina Baglietto | Apply and conceive product designs for one of the most prestigeous networks in the world

Application: September 24th, 2023
Location: Please see the details below
Type: Training Course


Baglietto, among the main and oldest shipyards in the world, launches its talent garden: apply and conceive your product designs for one of the most prestigious networks in the world!


7 scholarships full-coverage of the enrollment cost

Applications open until September 24th

The best projects developed within the talent garden will be produced and launched into market by Baglietto



Yachts are floating villas. They are exclusive retreats where to enjoy the greatest comfort against the backdrop of landscapes that only the sea can paint. Furniture design is the heart and soul of nautical projects contributing significantly to the quality of environments, the pleasantness of spaces, and structuring the experience of shipowners and their living environment. This is one of the main experiences that Officina Baglietto wishes to provide to young people. Through the course, students will acquire tools to design exclusive and valuable furniture lines that can stand out in the most complex and demanding contexts both in boating and architecture. From seating to lighting objects, the course will provide a broad overview of various furniture and design objects, inviting participants to define their own ideal collection, which can become a cult object for Baglietto’s network of customers, as well as for the many boat and boating enthusiasts.


DESIGN THINKING: Creative approaches and product innovation

Alberto Meda

FURNITURE ON BOARD: Rules and good practices to design furnishings at sea

Francesco Paszkowski

LUXURY MATERIALS: Technical possibilities and performance characteristics for fine finishes

Claudio Silvestrin

LIGHT DESIGN: Light as a piece of furniture, a tool to define space

Giacomo Coppe (Viabizzuno)

LUXURY MARKET: Understanding the luxury client

Michela Gilli (ZEST11)

SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: Strategies for limiting the environmental impact of furniture production

Silvia Franceschi (ETIFOR)

FROM DESIGN TO PRODUCT: Engineering and prototyping furniture complements

Marco Roversi (Cesare Roversi Arredamenti)

BRANDED DESIGN: The product as an extension of the brand identity

Raffaella Daino (Baglietto)

3D DESIGN: Parametric tools and aesthetics

Arturo Tedeschi (Architecture and Computational Design)

ERGONOMICS: Human centred design

Mitzi Bollani




Students who have completed their applications by August 4th, 2023 will have the opportunity to take part in the Officina Baglietto Open Day held in Cannes Yachting Festival- one of the most fascinating and renowned events of international yachting. During the Open Day, students will spend the day on a Baglietto yacht and meet their future teachers there. At the Cannes Yachting Festival, Officina Baglietto’s staff will provide applicants with any useful information in order to better know the programs and goals of the project. After submitting their application, applicants will receive the program for the day.


La Spezia is the heart of Baglietto shipyards. It is the natural destination in which to carry out the course’s didactic activities in close proximity to the Baglietto shipyard. Here, students will have the chance to experience the backstage of the production of a yacht, learn information directly from Baglietto staff, and hone their skills for the next stages of the design. The lessons will be held at the Santa Caterina Park Hotel in Sarzana. Upon request, students can stay in the same facility throughout the course.


In order for students to have a complete and authentic experience of designing a piece of furniture, from concept to engineering, they will be given the opportunity to conduct the workshop at Michele De Lucchi’s studio in Milan. AMDL CIRCLE is internationally renowned for its humanistic approach and works in several industries encompassing architecture, interior design and communication.


During the design workshop, held by Nicholas Bewick at the headquarters of AMDL Circle, the firm founded by Michele de Lucchi in Milan,the notions learned in the other educational modules will be applied to a real project. The objective of the workshop will be the design of a set of furniture pieces oriented to become a real Baglietto design collection, entering some of the most refined yachts in the world, and becoming cult objects for nautical and design enthusiasts.

More information and applications: www.officinabaglietto.com

Contacts: studenti@officinabaglietto.com

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Date: June 20, 2023