Officina Baglietto: Apply and meet the Masters of the fashion system

Application: September 24th, 2023
Location: Please see the details below
Type: Training Course


Baglietto, among the main and oldest shipyards in the world, launches its talent garden: apply and meet the Masters of the fashion system!

7 scholarships full-coverage of the enrollment cost 

Applications open until September 24th

The best projects developed within the talent garden will be produced and launched into market by Baglietto


Yachts are not simply residences, places of entertainment or leisure for a niche of a privileged few; yachts also true red carpets where to showcase the most refined and coveted collections and accessories of the contemporary scene in the main locations of the international jet scene. Fashion is a complementary universe to boating, because it feeds on the same imagery and values: boating is lifestyle, elegance and passion. For this reason, Baglietto decided to dedicate a program of its talent garden to fashion designers. Inspired by the Baglietto world, they can create collections for both shipowners – who will thus enjoy exclusive collections inspired by their yacht – and fans of the shipyard. Indeed, there are few lucky people who can own a Baglietto yacht. Nevertheless, there are many people who are passionate about the sea and boating, and who look at the related fashion implications with particular passion and interest.


LUXURY TRENDS: Knowing the passions of shipowners

Michela Gilli, Zest 11

THE WORLD OF YACHTING: Characteristics and features of Baglietto’s world

Raffaella Daino, Baglietto S.p.A.

FROM SAIL TO FASHION:  Contaminations between yachting and the fashion industry

Marco Tamponi, Basic Net

FASHION SUSTAINABILITY: Carbon footprint calculation and mitigation models

Silvia Franceschi, ETIFOR

COLLECTION PLANNING: Garment selection and collection business plan

Sara Ferrero

TRENDS ANALYSIS AND MOODBOARD CREATION: The imagery behind the collection

Diego Dolcini

CUSTOM MATERIALS: Fabrics, accessories and materials

Laura Pogliani, former Prada/Alaia

FASHION PROJECT: The design of a collection

Gian Paolo La Giglia

FASHION PRODUCTION: From paper pattern to prototype

Paolo Babetto, former Dior/Alaia

COLLECTION MANAGEMENT: Positioning, pricing and distribution

Davide Cerutti

FASHION COMMUNICATION: The story of the collection

Riccardo Terzo, former Vogue



Students who have completed their applications by August 4th, 2023 will have the opportunity to take part in the Officina Baglietto Open Day held in Cannes Yachting Festival- one of the most fascinating and renowned events of international yachting. During the Open Day, students will spend the day on a Baglietto yacht and meet their future teachers there. At the Cannes Yachting Festival, Officina Baglietto’s staff will provide applicants with any useful information in order to better know the programs and goals of the project. After submitting their application, applicants will receive the program for the day.


La Spezia is the heart of Baglietto shipyards. It is the natural destination in which to carry out the course’s didactic activities in close proximity to the Baglietto shipyard. Here, students will have the chance to experience the backstage of the production of a yacht, learn information directly from Baglietto staff, and hone their skills for the next stages of the design. The lessons will be held at the Santa Caterina Park Hotel in Sarzana. Upon request, students can stay in the same facility throughout the course.


In order for students to have a complete and authentic experience of designing a piece of furniture, from concept to engineering, they will be given the opportunity to conduct the workshop at Michele De Lucchi’s studio in Milan. AMDL CIRCLE is internationally renowned for its humanistic approach and works in several industries encompassing architecture, interior design and communication.


In the design workshop, conducted at 10 Corso Como in Milan under the tutorship of Satoshi Kuwata, the notions learned in the other teaching modules will be applied to a real project. The workshop will take place in Milan, in the iconic site of 10 Corso Como. The objective of the workshop will be the design of a collection for either shipowners or the broader audience of enthusiasts and fans of the shipyard according to students’ choice. In either case, students will be called upon to give expression -through the fashion product- to those values of luxury and elegance of which the Baglietto brand has always been the bearer.

More information and applications: www.officinabaglietto.com

Contacts: studenti@officinabaglietto.com


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Date: June 26, 2023