Open-Source Biennale

Submission: 31st July 2024 Registration: 31st July 2024 Location: International Language: English Prizes: 3x 500€ Type: Open

In this competition, we set our sights on the Venice Architecture Biennale 2025, a playground for the imaginative, the innovative, and those daring enough to rethink the norms of architecture.

Inspired by Carlos Ratti’s book “Open Source Architecture”, we invite architects, designers, and visionaries to submit unconventional ideas that disrupt the status quo of the Biennale.

Whether it’s a device, a piece of furniture, an exhibition, a pavilion, a performance, or any transformative element of the biennale, the challenge is to design a proposal that is as engaging to pitch as it is transformative in concept.

This unsolicited competition aims to independently pitch the three most visionary projects to the Venice Biennale, leveraging our network for a chance to turn these ideas into reality. While we cannot guarantee acceptance, we’re fully committed to pushing these ideas forward.

How does your concept aim to disrupt the traditional format of the Biennale, offering a fresh perspective on architecture exhibitions? How can your concept enriching the discourse around architecture?

This is more than a competition; it’s a chance to imprint your vision on the architectural landscape of Venice, shaping the discourse of tomorrow.