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ReUse Italy has officially released the complete list of awarded projects of the design contest “Reuse the Thermae – Curinga”!

Along the coastline of the enchanting region of Calabria, in southern Italy, there are the ruins of an ancient complex: the Thermal Baths of Curinga. Built during the Imperial Era, this archaeological site stands as proof of the advanced engineering, opulence, and socio-cultural significance of the ancient bathing complexes, offering us a glimpse into the fascinating world of the ancient Romans.

Together with the Municipality of Curinga, we ask the participants to protect and musealize the Thermae, simply designing around it a roof, a fence, or a volume, to make this archaeological site open to visitors again.

Is it possible to bring life back inside these thermal baths from Roman times? The answer to this question is in the hands of the architects, the engineers, and the students who will participate in this competition.

The winners were selected by an international jury panel composed by:

– Bernardo Bader
– Federica Sofia Zambeletti – Koozarch
– Giovanni Logiudice – CGraphisoft
– Amelia Tavella – Amelia Tavella Architectes




Lucas Delorenzi, Clara Gallardo, Guillermo Canutti, Marcos Constanzo


Ask Lindstedt Nyberg


Doni Hallko



Diellëza Tahiri, Enkelejda Zekaj, Edera Kana

Lucas Marques Silva de Assis, Amanda Manhães Marmute, Isabelle Tiemi Rezende Yao, Gustavo Paula Leal

Martyna Iberat, Agata Narojczyk

Jacopo Camboni

Zhilei Xu, Jianyi Li

Carlota Torner, Facundo Trebino, Javier Agudo, Hernan Cruz

Eren Sezer, Nour Fneich, Nicolo Carlini, Sona Ragimova

Balazs Furton, Flora Horoczi

Loïs Moulin, Martin Pogam, Anna Kerroc’h

Chutian Liang, Fandi Sun





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Date: February 27, 2024