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YACademy launches a new edition of the course in Architecture for Humanity: meet and collaborate with    Anupama Kundoo, Tatiana Bilbao, TAMassociati:

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With 15 Pritzker laureates- the “Nobels” of architecture-on its panel of lecturers, YACademy is the world’s first postgraduate institute resulting from the relationship and collaboration among the most distinguished firms in contemporary architecture. From the definition of the programs to teaching, all aspects are curated by the greatest architectural studios of our time. Thanks to the collaboration with renowned professional practices, YACademy is the ideal context in which to complete or update one’s skills and boost one’s career through the connection with the most important firms on the international scene.

YACademy’s educational program is one of the most comprehensive and fascinating didactic experiences in the world. It is the result of years of experimentation and interaction between great masters of architecture. Each course comprises numerous educational formats offering an experience that can make the difference in young designers’ personal and professional careers.



Pandemic, economic crisis, migration, and climate change: every area – from the periphery of our metropolis to the most remote tropical village – can now be defined as an “emergency context”. The United Nations – already before the pandemic cycle – estimated that the fragmentation of conflicts, combined with the effects of the economic and ecological crisis, was generating a humanitarian emergency greater than that caused by the Second World War.

In this context, the architect plays a fundamental role, because architecture responds to man’s primary needs. Finding shelter, receiving education, living healthy are rights that require “containers” in the first place, and architecture – great architecture – would be very little if limited to contexts of well-being; since man is at the center of architecture, and man, in any context, in any condition, deserves dignity and beauty. This is why the course in Architecture for Humanity was born, to train designers who know how to compose meaningful architecture even in the most complex contexts, to bring quality where you have always designed to the bottom, beauty where you are used to not seeing it. Accustomed to designing in terms of objectives, budget, and understanding of anthropological phenomena, the designers will – instead – acquire a method that can be used in any context, capable of optimizing resources and design stimuli to produce, in any condition, a refined architectural phenomenon.

Through the study of the global scenario and the comparison with the experience of some of the most authoritative voices in the field (from the UN to representatives of the government of territories in emergency) the designers will focus on the technical and compositional strategies to be adopted in the humanitarian, social and emergency field, during 78 hours of lessons, 32 hours of workshop and numerous interventions by renowned professionals. At the end of the course, YACademy Placement office will guarantee each student a proposal for an internship/collaboration within the partner studios.

The course is made of a teaching module of 80 hours, a 32-hours design and construction workshop, several special lectures, site visits and a period of internship/collaboration with one of the entities belonging to YACademy’s network.


Anupama Kundoo (ANUPAMA KUNDOO ARCHITECTS); Volontariat Home for Homeless Children: Architectural quality of a humanitarian project

Tatiana Bilbao (BILBAO ESTUDIO); Low income houses: living in Acuña, Mexico

Giancarlo Mazzanti (EL EQUIPO MAZZANTI); España Library: culture and beauty in Medellin – Colombia

Raul Patnaleo (TAMASSOCIATI); Beauty as a principle of justice

Giuseppe Grant (ORIZZONTALE); Public space and participatory design

Alejandro Aravena (ELEMENTAL); Refugee to citizen from day one: architecture as instrument of dignity

Lucia Cano & José Selgas, (SELGAS CANO); School in Kiberia – mimesis and discontinuity

Kengo Kuma; Kishin no Kai: the aftermath of the tsunami in Japan

Nicola Scaranaro (FOSTER + PARTNERS); Post-catastrophy planning: the earthquake in Istanbul




A REFUGE FOR WOMEN: Architecture for victims of abuse in Bolivia

Anupama Kundoo

The workshop will be the opportunity to test the notions learned in the other didactical modules, as students are called to give strategic solutions to a real architectural project. The workshop is organized in collaboration with Women for Freedom, a humanitarian association whose aim is to offer protection and education to women and children in highly vulnerable contexts. The object of the workshop is to build a structure for the organization in Bolivia. Bolivia is one of the most affected Latin American countries by phenomena such as sexual exploitation and violence against women. In line with the other international branches of Women for Freedom, the project will include a recovery centre, where the victims of violence and abuse can find sanctuary, safety, and rehabilitation. A place with a strong symbolic value, which can become a shelter and a place of rebirth for children and women migrants, promoting the respect of their rights and a culture which puts humans at the centre. Considering the special characteristics of the context and the purpose of the structure, the workshop will be a precious opportunity for architects who will have to deal with the complex Bolivian context, the many aspects of the job of the volunteers of the association and, last but definitely not least, the stories and psychological needs of the young guests of the structure.


Video Workshop



Construction is a fundamental step in architecture. For this reason, YACademy offers its students the opportunity to participate in the process of producing their own ideas. Thus, the students will gain practical experience on construction sites and, above all, the authorship of projects built for excellent commissions, destined for a major media echo and capable of defining a turning point in their professional career.



WASP RESEARCH LAB (Massa Lombarda)

In line with the workshop topic, students will be given the opportunity to visit the headquarters of WASP, one of the leading companies operating in the field of construction through 3D printing. By visiting the company students will be able to understand the nature and methodologies of 3D printing, which is one of the main possibilities for construction in extraterrestrial contexts.

DYNAMO CAMP (Limestre)

Concurrently with the “Universal Design” module, students will have the opportunity to visit Dynamo Camp, in the Tuscan Appennines near Pistoia, in order to have a first hand experience of the Dynamo method and philosophy.


Concurrently with the module “Suburbs”, students will have the opportunity to visit the results of the interventions carried out by Renzo Piano’s G124 in Piazza XXV April, having a first hand experience of an interesting example of urban re-activation thanks to micro-architecture interventions.



To conclude the course, each student will carry out a period of collaboration with one of YACademy’s partner firms. Such collaboration will have a minimum duration of 2 months and guaranteed remuneration consistently with regulatory requirements. It will aim to perfect students’ skills, offering the rare opportunity to work and interact with some of the world’s leading firms. By enriching their experience through internships and collaborations, students will have a real chance to build a solid network of relationships, useful for accelerating and turning their career around.

Hereby follow some of the professional players with the greatest expertise in relation to the course topic:





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To ensure the best and most engaging experience for its students, since 2023, YACademy has been providing numerous apartments in the same building that houses the institute’s classrooms. Different housing solutions will ensure a unique integration and relationship experience among students. Immersed in history, innovation and internationality, at the YACademy campus, young talents selected from the best studios in the world will be able to socialize with one another, building a network of absolute excellence and laying a solid foundation for their professional future.





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