24H COMPETITION 10th edition – metamorphosis

Submission: January 24, 2016
Registration: January 23, 2016
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: 1st Prize: € 700, 2nd Prize: publication, 3rd Prize: publication
Type: Open


The word “metamorphosis” comes from the Greek μεταμόρφωσις (Metamorphosis, “transformation”).
Metamorphosis is a change or transformation of a body, a growth, a passage from a state juvenile to an adult state. It can thus associate metamorphosis to a change in lifestyle or even habitat, however this can also occur without any of the first and only happen morphologies or state changes.

Observe the cities, these are in constant metamorphosis. On the scale of the building or to the master plan scale, this process is never stopped. So we can say that the phenomenon of metamorphosis is present in all of our lives.
We as designers of society, we have a transformative capacity, a vanguard vision that allows us to see beyond, to predict and see what others can not. Imagine alternatives, find solutions, solve problems.
This ability to change makes us unhappy and thinking beings with an insatiable need for change.
Dare to change, daring to transform, adapt, reshape, reinvent!


Promotional registration period from  – November 02 to January 23 – Fee 15€
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Late period of registration from February 23 to February 27 11:59 (London GMT + 0:00) – fee 25€
The competition begins at February 27 12:00 (noon) to February 28 at 12:00 (noon) (London GMT + 0:00)
Publication of winners and honorable mentions at  www.if-ideasforward.com on March 15


1st Place – € 700 + publication in website, social networks and media partners + 24H trophy

2nd Place – publication in website, social networks and media partners + 24H trophy

3rd Place –  publication in website, social networks and media partners + 24H trophy

7 Honorable Mentions – publication in website, social networks and media partners

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