hanging shelter competition


Submission: March 20, 2020
Registration: March 10, 2020
Language: English, Spanish
Location: La Polvorilla – Salta, Argentina
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


Design hanging shelters, an architectural idea at 3,775 meters high, where the “Train to the Clouds” runs through the La Polvorilla viaduct. Join this World competition challenge.

It was born in 1972 as a ferrotourism enterprise. Renowned for providing unique and exclusive landscapes in the world experience. Invite the adventurous tourist to stay, generating optimal conditions in design, functionality, pragmatism, durability and sustainability. The general design of the ADVENTURE TREN A LAS NUBES CAMP must be sensitive to the surrounding context, there must be a harmonious coexistence managing to integrate the contest into the monumental structure.


To invite the tourist explorer to remain in the place by generating an ideal design condition of functionality, pragmatism, durability and sustainability. The general Train to the Clouds – Adventure Camp design must be sensitive to the context which surrounds it, there must be a harmonious coexistence between the project and the monumental structure.

This IDEAS CONTEST intends to contribute to the community by achieving a SOCIAL, ECONOMIC AND ENVIROMENTAL IMPACT. The Social Impact is to be achieved by the exchange of different cultures, thoughts, and points of view. The economic impact is to be evaluated through energy saving and the well use of the local resources.

There is no limit as regards height and digging, there are also no limits considering the surface of the viewpoint (it is advisable to remember that contests are free to design the viewpoint out of the embankment or not, it can also be a hanging type with or without walls according to the different proposals).

There is no hindrance as regards the building system of the viewpoint and the whole construction, technical and general resolutions are to be solved by the participants. Though, the rational use of local material will be a priority as well as the construction with elements that are used in the Argentinian country.

In addition, it is of main importance to design a low-maintenance-cost structure. The materials to be used are: local stones, adobe, concrete, metallic structures, metallic sheet, glass, solid brick, hollow brick.

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