AI Competition – Future Of Cities On Planet Earth

Submission: 1st February 2024 Registration: 1st February 2024 Location: Concept Language: English Prizes: View Website Type: Open

In the past year, Al has empowered countless individuals to express their creativity and innovation. Even without traditional artistic tools, millions now use Al to transform their thoughts into meaningful images, sharing compelling stories that were previously untold. Al has truly revolutionized artistic expression for all.
Introducing a groundbreaking Al challenge! Open to architects, designers, artists, and storytellers worldwide. Unleash your creativity, explore captivating topics, and redefine boundaries with Al. Showcase your unique vision and be part of the revolution!

The Al Creative Challenge gives architects, artists and designers an opportunity where they can demonstrate their skills while promoting multidisciplinary cooperation and knowledge sharing. participants will join a thriving community of professionals committed to developing scenarios of the future whether it is utopian or dystopian through Al-driven innovation by taking part in this ground-breaking event.
Competition Brief:
In a world filled with darkness and turmoil, this competition aims to shed light on the power of storytelling and art in rebuilding places, restoring the notion of home, and nurturing hope. Participants are invited to reflect on the profound questions surrounding home and belonging, freedom, justice, and power.
Amidst the ruins and suffering caused by wars, natural disasters, and tragic events, we want you to share your story of the cherished locations that hold significance in your life and how they have transformed.
By exploring the aftermath of loss, uncompleted grief, and the sources of our narratives, participants can examine how their vision and storytelling intersect with reality. This competition seeks to foster inclusivity and respect for diverse perspectives, highlighting the importance of translating these narratives into art as a catalyst for positive change and a path towards a peaceful and safe future.
You will be asked to share:
-Share a story in 500 words or less.
-2 Al-generated images: one representing the current situation of the city and the other portraying your desired future.
-The trials you made to create these images.
Feel free to be bold, wild, and creative as you explore the true potential of artificial intelligence to influence the future of our built environment, whether it will be sci-fi, high-tech, synthetic nature, biomimicry or even going back to our primitive vernacular earth architecture. The use of Al imagery to respond to the changing parameters of our planet and its reflection on the future city, is something we encourage the participants to do.

We strongly welcome submissions that: •Fully utilize Al assisted design.
• Push the boundaries of art and design.
•Propose a potential adaption into real-world application.
•React to the competition’s theme.
Join us on this exciting journey as we celebrate the beauty and power of Al in creating the blueprint of the future.
The challenge aims to spark discussion on the best way to strike a balance between human and artificial intelligence creativity, as well as to foster creativity and innovation in the fields of architecture and design by utilizing tools from artificial intelligence to enhance human creativity.

Evaluation Criteria:
All projects will be assessed anonymously.
When making their assessments, judges will take into account the following
• Creativity in developing novel and inventive ways of living in the future.
• Criticality in developing new ways of living that are consistent with the suggested scenario.
• Desirability of imagining a future where everyone has access to opportunities and is encouraged.
• Innovation in the application of artificial intelligence tools.
• The design’s conceptual and visual quality, as well as its potential to have an impact on the area of design and its applicability to the contest’s theme.


01/12/2023 – Registration & Submission Starts
01/02/2024 – Registration & Submission Ends
15/02/2024 – Longlist Announcement
20/02/2024 – Finalist & Honorable Mention Announcement
29/02/2024 – Winner Announcement
Early Registration (01Dec-31Dec)         –  30$
Standard Registration (01Jan-14Jan)  –  40$
Late Registration (15Jan-01Feb)            –  50$
1st Prize:   250$ + Certificate + Publication
2nd Prize: 150$ + Certificate + Publication
3rd Prize:  100$ + Certificate + Publication
10 Honorable Mentions : Certificate + Publication
What to Submit?
A total of 4 Jpegs 4000X4000 Pixels, 150dpi
-Jpeg01: A story of maximum 500 words about the city
-Jpeg02: Ai image about the current situation of the city
-Jpeg03: Ai image about the future of the city
-Jpeg04: Add all your progress images
How to Submit?
-Fill in the registration form on our website starts 01/12/2023 – You will receive a registration code via email
-Combine all your jpegs in one pdf with your registration code
-Fill in the submission form on our website and submit your pdf

Date: November 27, 2023