architecture competition yearbook 2019

Architecture Competitions Yearbook _ young architect must have

Recently we celebrated our 5th anniversary and one million annual visitors on Competitions.Archi by creating the Architecture Competitions Yearbook. The idea behind our website is always to promote and encourage taking part in architectural competitions. We always take pride in announcing fantastic competitions that could spike your interest and get your creative juices flowing.

Making the yearbook we wanted to enhance these values. We wanted to encourage you and others to take part in competitions. To celebrate the designs that are not only interesting in their own rights but may also be a source of inspiration to ideas that are yet to be born.

architecture competition yearbook 2019

Across the 160 pages of the book there are over 40 inspiring projects each with detailed descriptions. All projects are winning entries in 12 of the most interesting and visionary competitions of 2019. Just by scanning the magazine you can find many ideas for your own designs and how to represent them. After a few minutes of looking through you will find yourself bursting with new concepts. It is a great tool that allows you to find new inspirations and ideas for your own designs and we are extremely proud and excited to share it with you. We wanted to celebrate our anniversary, by giving you the purest form of inspiration possible and we truly hope you will find it in our Architecture Competitions Yearbook.

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Date: February 19, 2020