BAITASI 2016 International Design Competition

Submission: July 31, 2016
Registration: June 30, 2016
Language: English, Chinese
Location: Beijing, China
Prizes: x3  1st Place RMB 50,000
Type: Open

This open international competition is to take place among three groups who have been solicited to draw up refurbishment plans of 12 courtyards. Finalists whose plans comply with the design guidelines and have construction feasibility will be authorized by the organizers to implement the project, and the plans will be made available for reference in the Baitasi district, the broader old-town districts of Beijing, and in old towns throughout China that need to be revitalized.


May 29, 2016: Press briefing held at the Baitasi Courtyard Renewal International Design Competition’s Venice Biennial parallel exhibition

June 1-30, 2016: First phase of registration, the participants make voluntary selection of courtyards

July 1-31, 2016: Second phase of registration,courtyard allocated automatically on the official website

July 31, 2016: Deadline for submission of conceptual proposals for the competition

August 15, 2016: Initial assessment of conceptual proposals ends; Judges return score sheets; statistical evaluation of results

August 15-30, 2016: Notification of shortlisted candidates

September 5, 2016: Shortlist published

September 20, 2016: Shortlisted candidates submit further detailed design

October 5, 2016: Final assessment; live Q&A with shortlisted candidates, awards giving

October 2016-2017: Winner exhibition; Eligible designs carry on for implementation


First place winners selected from each group will receive a cash prize of RMB 50,000 and an award certificate; their works will be published in World Architecture.


·   Individuals or groups registering for this competition must abide by and respect the rules and regulations of the event; members of the organizing committee have the right of final interpretation of these regulations.

·  Names related to the designer must not appear in any electronic blueprint; inclusion of any text or graphic appearing in an academic institution or business, or which does not comply with rules, will result in disqualification.

·  Competition entries must not be multiple submissions; any work that has been submitted elsewhere, in other competitions, or uses others’ previously published work are not permissible for entry.

·  Blueprints and images related to competition submissions cannot infringe on the copyrights of others; responsibility for any such resulting controversy shall be taken by the infringing competitor, who will be disqualified.

·  Competitors retain the right of authorship of their competition works; however, competitionorganizers and sponsors have the right to exercise copyrights other than authorship rights over competition works.


·  Please submit electronic versions of drawings and related documents online.

·  Language: the official languages of the competition are English and Chinese; titles and key design descriptions must include both languages.

·  Documentation: participants must include a recognizable, scanned copy of identification when submitting work, registration forms, and authorization documents.

Conceptual proposal specifications and requirements:

(1) Specifications: Drawingsshould be 420mm×297mm in horizontal layout. Each proposal must be composed of 4 drawings. Documents for uploading should be JPG format (for website display, not exceeding 3MB per file), and PDF format (for documentation, not exceeding 20 MB).

(2) Content and form: Plans must contain an introduction in Chinese and English ,black-and-white line drawings of floor plans, elevations, cross-sections, isometric blueprints, and the required analysis diagrams; also to be included are the necessary architectural economic indices and cost estimates. Participants can choose to use images of views, renderings, wall-section details, node configuration details, or real models.

Finalist proposal specifications and requirements:

(1) Specifications: Blueprints should be 841mm×594mm in lateral layout. Each proposal must have 3 blueprints. Documents should be in PDF format and should not exceed 20 MB.

(2) Content and form: Along with a Chinese and English introduction, floor plans, elevation, cross-section, isometric blueprints, and required analysis diagrams; also to be included are necessary architectural economic indices and cost estimates. Participants can choose to use images of wall-section details, node configuration details, or real models.

(3) An introductory design video not exceeding 3 minutes should be presented. Files should use MP4 format and should not exceed 400 MB.

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