Basic Balkan Architeture – Competition for spatial installation

Submission: November 01, 2015
Registration: November 01, 2015
Language: English
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Prizes: 2 air-tickets & accommodation for Biennale
Type: Open


On the occasion of 2nd Balkan Architecture Biennale, association Kolektiv, together with Biennale organizers, announces an open call for concept, design and production of space installation(s) and/or the setting in the gallery Kolektiv.

Authors are expected to give personal and individual interpretation of Balkan cultural diversity elements, and to reassess its characteristics through innovative implementation in space shaping. Spatial installation should be made predominantly of wood as the main construction material. All participants are encouraged to embrace the character of the exhibition gallery space as an opportunity to produce and make, rather than describe or present the project.

Due to changes in economy and ideology,  identity in Balkan countries is under reassessment. This state creates opportunity for reinvention, rethinking and redefinition of ideas and concepts in architecture that are in its fundaments.


Competition is open to all individuals or groups who create and think in the fields of architecture and design. The call is open to final year students too.


Registration for the competition will be available from  1st  October, 2015 on this website.


01 drawings and graphics of proposal should be submitted at maximum 2 sheets of format A2 ( 420 x 594 mm). It should includes at least 1 layout, 1 sections and 1 elevations in scale of 1:50.

02 textual explanation of the concept (max 1 page A4)

     + technical description of the project

     + cost estimation

     + material characteristics

   + estimation of the time needed for production and setting of installation

03 optional : any additional material, in digital media, that better explains the concept


Submission is  anonymous. All documents must be signed with 6 digits entry code in upper right corner.

Documents should be named as followed:

01 Drawings and graphic in 150 dpi resolution :  BBA_entry code_board1.pdf    and    BBA_entry code_board 2.pdf.

02 Text: BBA_entry code_text.pdf

03 Additional material: BBA _entry code_additional.*

04 filled apllication form: BBA_entry code_application.pdf


Winning proposal will be implemented, and its setting will be performed personally by the author.

We will cover 2 air-tickets up to 300 EUR  per person and accommodation in Belgrade for one week

Works that are shortlisted will be published on web portals of associations KOLEKTIV and BAB, within online catalogs, exhibitions, etc.


1st October, 2015                   – open call announcement

15th October, 2015                 – final day for submitting questions  

1st November, 2015               – final date for submission of proposals

15th November, 2015             – results announcement 

1st –   7th December, 2015      – setting of installation

8th – 29th December, 2015      – exhibition 

Opening ceremony will on 8th of December at 20:00 with presence of authors of winning entry.


1  There is no limitation in terms of materials, scale, technology or physical properties of the proposal. Certain conditions relating to the use and safety of the       gallery must be taken into account.
2 The intervention should be designed so that its duration is 1 month so the temporary nature of the materials should consider this period.
3  The budget of the intervention, including materials and labor should not exceed  1500.00 EUR. 
4  The proposal must physically observe the limits of exhibition space. View PDF drawings and images of KOLEKTIV.
5  Take into consideratian that space has no security personnel or ongoing maintenance.

We would like to explore  Balkan cultural diversity, that is reflection of complex historical changes, in order to reveal its common denominators.

Winning proposal will be implemented (location: Kolektiv Gallery), and its setting will be performed personally by an author. Exhibition is going to be opened from 8th to 29th December.

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