15-minutes city

Bcome 2021: 15-Minute City

Submission: October 25, 2021
Registration: September 10, 2021
Language: English, Korean
Location: Busan, South Korea
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


This competition is to create pedestrian-friendly urban milieus within the distance of 15 minutes ― the average time taken for a human being to walk 1 km ― and suggest spaces where residents can stay communicating with one another.

Urban spaces can be classified into functionally purposive (commercial, governmental, and school) and non-purposive (typically, park) spaces: when the latter become profuse, the urban life would be more leisurely with increased quality.

That is to say, the goal of this competition is to present an urban structure that enables various kinds of experiences, rest, communications with neighbors even without any clear purpose (such as commuting, working, going to school, or purchasing goods), as well as securing additional urban spaces to stay for those who go out with a clear purpose to achieve.

Creating an urban structure that enables citizens to walk or stroll happily at least for about 15 minutes within their local areas is the goal of “15-Minute City.”


  • All people interested in urban regeneration in and out of country, including students, majors and professionals in architecture, urbanism, environmental design, and landscape architecture, can participate in this competition.
  • You may apply as an individual or a team (within 5 members). As a team, you shall pick a representative applicant. At the time of submitting your work, you may change any co-applicant’s name registered already but may not change the representative’s name. The representative applicant has the responsibility of and the right to getting in contact with the steering committee and receiving the prize money.
  • Any team applicant cannot participate in more than one team.


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