Submission: May 15, 2016
Registration: May 15, 2016
Language: English
LocationCem Soldos , Portugal
Prizes: 1st Prize: 1000€ and construction of the winning proposal
Type: Open


With this contest, it is intended that the participants draw inspiration from the public space that will be intervened, in order to give new life to Eira. These lands are characteristic of the countryside and have had great importance in the development of small communities and stand today to the abandonment and condemned to oblivion. The focus is therefore an innovative approach that excites and can motivate new generations to their valuation.


The theme of the composition should serve as inspiration for the creation of a single piece, which takes visitors to dream and feel the music. This should be a reflection of the spirit that lives in the village during the days of the festival. It should therefore be a tribute to the music and in particular the Portuguese music.

The space created should promote interaction and socialization among all who use it and reinterpret the role of eiras today.

The land where is the Eira is known to be torrid, on August afternoons, so the space can benefit from shade or devices that allow a more comfortable occupation, inviting stay.

The Eira Lounge Pavilion project should also encourage and highlight the need for principles of ecological and sustainable design whenever possible. The space where the project will be installed, is a prime area to watch the concerts that will take place on this stage. For this reason, the Eira Lounge Pavilion should not be an obstacle to the movement in the Eira Stage area, but should promote a fluid space, permeable and with a strong relationship with the surrounding – bars, stage, access and other surrounding support structures.

The Eira Lounge Pavilion should respect the costs established for the work.


The proposal should take into account the inclusion of the régie of the Eira Stage, a technical structure of indispensable presence to install in 25 meters from the stage front. The régie is at the center of the land and must be part of the Eira Lounge Pavilion proposal design, so that respect the reserved area and the acoustic needs of the equipment. Ideally it should be minimized the impact of the structure in place as a visual barrier that does not allow viewing spectacles.

The régie is a covered structure on top, covered the side elevations up to half the width and completely in the rear elevation. The aim is to protect from wind and possible rain but no soundproofing, which would be detrimental to the sound operations.

At the point of installation, the structure must be 30 cm high in relation to the land quota.

Access to the structure must be conditioned to authorized personnel only and should be considered a borderline zone prohibited public access.


Is privileged the use of environmentally friendly materials, sustainable and / or reuse or recycling of objects, giving them another use.

The installation should be considered in order to be easy assembly and disassembly by the festival organization.


It should be projected an illumination system, so the space can be used during night time.

This lighting can not turn the main focus of Eira Stage where unfolds the show, but should allow the use of space in order to enhance the interaction and communication between users.


The total cost is 5.000€ (including material and human resources for assembly and disassembly).


1st stage

A4 with descriptive document
Must be submitted a simple digital image, horizontally with the requisites depicted bellow:
Image Format: one simple JPEG image
Dimensions: 84.1cm x 59.4cm with 96dpi.
Maximum image size: 12MB (12 Megabytes)
File name: the name of the image must match the registration number provided via e-mail by ideas forward after the participation registry.

2nd stage

Construction project with all details presented for a good reading of the project and its execution. It should be taken into account the construction of the facility by the village volunteers, with due monitoring of responsible specialists.


Competition launch – March 31
End of registration and proposal submissions period – May 15 Shortlist Selection– May 15 to May 25
Shortlist Announcement – May 26
Jury evaluation – May 28
Winner Announcement – May 31
Presentation of the execution process – June 30
BONS SONS’16 – August 12 to 15


1st classified

1000€ and construction of the winning proposal – 4 day ticket to BONS SONS’16 (travel expenses not included) – accommodation – food – exhibition and promotion of the project on Ideas Forward social networks and publication by media partners

2nd and 3rd place

4 day ticket to BONS SONS’16 (travel expenses not included) – accommodation – food – exhibition and promotion of the project on Ideas Forward social networks and publication by media partners

12 honorable mentions

exhibition and promotion of the project on Ideas Forward social networks and publication by media partners

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